October 22, 2007

happy day!

Good afternoon, readers!

A few updates. I updated my playlist! This time, the theme is SENTIMENTAL! Check out some of the sentimental pop and rock in the playlist, and most importantly, ENJOY! And i can finally blog to my fullest today, because i'm the happiest man on the universe! *exaggerates*

To start it off, it rained today morning. Yeah, my shoes got wasted, washed them yesterday and got drenched with mud water. Well, how unlucky anyway. When i reached school, i went up to the classroom block and stood there for awhile, and then went back down with my bag to get the classroom key. Didn't want to leave my bag alone in the dark eh, it costs a whooping $150 please.

So i went up and saw only Kenneth, as usual, he gave me that laughing look! I emo-ed myself with music and just lay down on the table till time passes by. When Miss Pang came, i went to her straight away, asking for my status! And she still don't want to say, LOL. Then i still kept bugging her, and then i gave up!

So enough of that, reading period sucks as usual, just walked around and doing random stuffs. We were supposed to write some thank you letters to the teachers who taught us, wrote a lot though and nobody wrote for Miss Tay. Oh well, maybe it's because of the examination.

After that was Physics, went through the papers. Can't absorb much since looking at the 10/50 marks already dampened my spirit.

Then it was PE! We watched Shutter again! It's damn nice, and scary like hell. There was one scene that scared me totally and everyone suan me, LOL. I got nothing to say! But hell, the movie was nice! Looking forward to Part 2 of the movie hopefully this Friday!

English was next. We did a worksheet on some composition stuff and i got all the answers first! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Recess, blast music on the console and swayed around~

I was supposed to go to the Red Dot Museum today, but then Mr Kung told us that it was tomorrow. We got embarrassed, and just sat down like nothing happened. While listening to the lesson, there was this fucking bee which kept buzzing around. This is what happened.

Bee : BZZZZZZZZZZZT. *lands on my table*
Me : Shoooo! *uses my hand to sway it away*
Bee : BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT. *lands on my Maths 1*
Me : *damn, how am i gonna rid of this bee. man, i hate killing this shit*
Bee : BZZZZZZZZZZZT. *hangs around on my table for 2 minutes*
Me : *irritated*
Bee : BZZZZZZZZZZT. *lands on my pants and almost stung me*
Me : *god! you this !@!@Q$@$@%@!!@.*
Bee : BZZZZZZZZZZZT. *lands on my chest*
Me : *ok that's it!*
Bee : BZZZZZZZZZZZZZT. *tries to buzz away*
Me : *go to hell!*
Bee : *PIAK*

Okay, i'm evil.

Anyway, the next period was English but Mr Ng wasn't around? I do recall seeing him just now.. Oh well, we watched the Liang Po Po serials. Man, it's been damn long since i ever watched it. HAHA, her actions and the way *she* speaks are damn funny! Haha, at least i managed to understand the jokes and laughed my ass off! Thanks Miss Wong for video! HAHAHA!

We went home after that.

While heading home in 131, there was this Caucasian woman who wore a super short dress. When the wind blew at her, there was exposure of her undergarment being shown. Guess what, all the men in the bus stared at her except me! Then this girl looked at me, i was confused LOL! Then i get off the bus quickly. LOL!

Haha, today's sure is crazy.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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