October 27, 2007

i'm bored

Hi guys! I'm blogging again to test out some new fonts. Do comment alright, like which font is easier to read, which font size required etc. Btw, this font is Maiandra GD. One of my favorites!

Anyway, today's weather had gotten better, so i thought that a rainy morning is pretty much required! So i went down, took a stroll around the neighborhood, greeting nearby strollers. It's been such a long time, i had never took a stroll since last year. The air was fresh, the atmosphere was cool, happy, and with the mild sunshine, all this complies up to this good day! When i reached home, just took some pictures around my house, to be exact, i only taken 3 shots.

Mum bought me three bottles of Coke. Classic.

Yeah, my hometown is pretty silent.

Miss Pang lent me this book. I'm still reading it.


Holidays already started and i'm getting bored real fast. Somehow, i missed school already. Maybe because, school's our second home and the second most visited in our daily lives. Yeah, one of the things we liked about school is of course, friends. Without friends, i may even consider not going to school at all. I'm really bored now, we should go out sometimes, like playing badminton, watch some movies or even work together!

I'm currently having doubts buying the PSP. In my view, people get super addicted to the PSP and likewise, gets bored of it easily. Some people shared same views with me, the PSP itself may get outdated sooner or later, so buying it would be a waste of money. But, the PSP is almost like your own personal PC. You could watch movies, listen songs, play games but not surf the internet. Zzz, i'm really confused right now.

Check out some updates in the Elearning Litespeed portal!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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