October 23, 2007

i'm feeling hot now

I'm feeling way too hot now, even if i'm under the air-con.

Okay, so we had a fucking flame war in that bastard's blog and yeah, it's very silent now. We fought like fuck and yeah, we kinda own that TK's freckled ass.

I've seen Jeremy's blog, although i do not know him, but his post was kick-ass. I need to release my anger now, otherwise i wouldn't have a good sleep.

To Aloy.
I meant what i say and i believe in the fact you are not a man, and please don't invite any unnecessary imaginative thoughts here. The fact you are not man doesn't mean that you have a vagina and not a penis, a pair of bubbled boobs and not a flat chest. The reason being, you broke up with my friend, Jiemin, with a sentence. Seriously, is all that memories and times with her all pieced together in just one sentence? And please, saying sorry isn't gonna do you good. The fact that i hate you is because you haven't realized your damned mistake. I'm the Passer-By in your damned blog and i never called you a dog whatsoever. In one of your previous posts against me, you called me a dog. Have you even seen me, and do i even look like a dog to you? Anyway, even if i'm a dog, i'll be a very good dog and bite your ass. Btw, do dogs speak human language? Oh damn, they can't. I did not even criticize you in any way, and you used that phrase, "punitive undeveloped brain". Please, learn to counter back fairly, i did not called you a dog nor criticize you in any way. And yeah, i've been waiting for that second tagboard since the tag i tagged your blog.

If you wanna tag my board, with all your friends, by all means, do so. I got a lot of friends to back me up and my tagboard is definitely bigger than yours so that all my friends could see what you and your friends typed. I can already predict that i owned you. Oh, you have my IP? Okay, so why didn't you ban my IP? Oh okay, i do not want to hear anything.

You made Jiemin cry, for days, and days. I've a hard time cheering her up, and it's all because of you. Everytime she thinks of you, she starts crying. Do you know that, we men do not make women cry? Everytime she cries, my heart was rather hurt and i can't wait to punch you in the face. It doesn't matter whether you learned judo, karate or what, i'll still find ways to own you. As i said in your blog, i do not wish to see you ever, otherwise you'll get it hard from me, and i'm dead serious. You wouldn't want to see me in my killer mode, because it hurts.

I gave you an advice, and you chose to leave it. I asked you to take responsibility in your next relationship, and you returned with more words to flame me. Why can't you just realize your damned mistake? Are you senile or what? Grown too old? Grown too much white hair? C'mon, even my one of my Primary school friends already started a relationship with a girl in his school and he's still maintaining it until now as i speak. Why? Because he has RESPONSIBILITY!

And do i need to teach you RESPONSIBILITY? Maybe. You could go back to your Secondary or even worse, Primary and learn your core values. Well, it's up to you, whether you want to abide the advice or not. Anyway, your fate lies on your own hands and what you do.

And my friends are not bad in English, they passed their English. Is our English too hard for you to understand, until to the extent where you even need to include something about us brushing up on our English. I don't see the point of using sophisticated words to describe your situation, after all, it's a blog, not an essay competition for your info. And i wouldn't waste time checking the dictionary for synonyms to counter you back. If you are just trying to show off your damned English, i would gladly applaud for you, because other people won't.

And finally, to end this fucking ass piece of shit now, if our tags are worthless, why do you even post on your blog about us? Wouldn't it be a waste of time? And btw, your brain isn't functioning that well i guess, because you only brainstormed 4 points, that's very little.

I'll end this shit now so that i can sleep, and to Aloy, may God bless you. God knows what you have done, and God knows what to do with you. I'm gonna wash my hands off you, and ever, if you make Jiemin cry again, i'll personally travel to Aust to give you the hell of your life.

Ahem. May God bless you.

To TK in Aloy's tagboard.
You started the damned flame war without even knowing any facts about what happened. I appreciate you helping Aloy, because that's what friends are for, but i just hate the way you tagged and it gave me the bad impression of you. For fuck's sake, in the future, without any concrete evidence, you just sit down and shut the fuck up. I'm really fucking pissed at you right now, at this very moment, and i could break any freaking living thing up right now.

And you did tag at one point, you are bored? If you are bored, why not waste your time fucking girls and watching pornography, instead of tagging in the blog like an extra. But right, i hope you'll spread that sentence to Aloy, "2ndly is.. relationships may be beautified n all tt but if u dun hav the maturity to handle things when they get hot, dun get into it in the 1st place, cost n effects bozos", because that freaking sentence is what Aloy had done. I hope you'll wake up your fucking brain and do wake up that Aloy's brain too.

All i can say is that, you got owned, sweetly and totally.


I've released all my anger in this damned post.

Aloy and TK,
If you wanna flame, go ahead. I'm ready to welcome you all to my blog. Anyway, do have a good night sleep yeah. Or should i say, sleep with regrets. Thank you and may God bless the both of you.

- John

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