October 5, 2007

examinations are over!


(Well, at least not for me, i still have a CLB paper next Monday, damn)

The past few days been like flames of hell. Sweating during examinations even though i'm under a fan. Seeing how people gave up that easily, i still carried on, because i believe that if you put in the extra effort, even 1 single mark is a saviour. Till now, a lot of teachers said that i will not retain again. Of course, i hope i won't retain again, otherwise i will lose face. For now, i could only pray for myself and hope for the best.

Everyone of you out there who finished the examinations, give yourself a pat on the back! You deserve it, you studied for long hours, and maybe even burned midnight oil. All the hardwork have paid off, and it's time to enjoy the fruits of success! Enjoy yourselves for the 6 days and face the reality when you get back your report book. I'm also mentally prepared, if i retain again, i'm gonna beg the teachers for me to promote, i'll promise myself to work extra harder next year! Yeah, i really very scared. Even though it's time to enjoy now, i still feel very empty inside..

And finally, the thanks that all teachers should deserve (I did this once during teacher's day!)

Big thank yous to..

Miss Pang, our form coach! She had been invigilating us for almost every paper. Oh my, where can you find such a caring form coach like that? She's also been sending us motivational messages through SMS! Thanks for the CME lessons too, the life lessons, the reflections and the study camp! A big thank you to you (:

Miss Wong, our buddy form coach and Chemistry teacher! Although you taught in Gan Eng Seng for not even a year, i can see that a lot of pupils like you! Thanks for teaching us Chemistry (Although i'm not in your class) and being our buddy form coach!

Mr Kung, our beloved Maths teacher! It's all thanks to you that my Maths had reached its standard! I will never forget you as a Maths teacher and as a Scout leader! Thank you!

Mr Ng, our English teacher! Thank you for all the wonderful lessons, although almost everyone is always sleeping! But, nevertheless, your lessons are always interesting! Thank you!

Miss Tay, our Physics teacher! Haha, you never fail to leave a smile on your face! Although our class has been wreaking havoc all the time, you never fail to continue teaching! Thank you on behalf of the class!

Miss Mah, our 2nd Chemistry teacher! Thanks for teaching us shortcuts and showing us experiments for the past few semesters! You are really indeed a good Chemistry teacher, like what the rumors said, it's just that the class didn't seem to see that from you. Thank you!

Miss Foo, our History cum Social Studies teacher! Although you are quite a pain in the neck, you always remind us that examinations are near and stuff! You been through a lot, enduring our class' crazy behaviour! And yeah, we love to play with your microphone! Thank you!

Mr Teo, our muscular PE teacher! Thanks for the softball, basketball and badminton sessions! We will always remember that you owned 14 guys in a row in arm-wrestling! Thank you!

Mr Kwan, my D&T teacher! Thank you for all the scoldings and help! It all started with you alone, that i always get top in D&T during Sec 1 and 2. Haha, i still remember when you drag me out to show the rest of the girls how to use a saw! Haha! Thank you!

Mrs Palan, our PoA teacher! Thanks for teaching the non-D&T students PoA! Thank you!

and all the Mother Tongue teachers! Thank you all!

Well, that's all for today!

Anyone wanna go out sometimes?
Got a few activities planned here.
1. Bowling
2. Play LAN
3. Watch movies
4. Hang out in parks
5. Overnight chalet (Someone planned it already though)
6. Cleaning up our "beloved" classroom for the next year!
7. Class BBQ
8. Take a few photoshots for a new class blog?
9. Massive window shopping (Not recommended :)

Any more suggestions? Tag!

Thank for visiting and may God bless you!

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