October 25, 2007

Anyone noticed that my tagbox got spammed? LOL, this Hock Zheng and Chungaik came into my blog today while we are at the Computer Lab for Chemistry! I'm only afraid that my other friends will assume it as a flame war or something. So i'm here to clarify some shits! HAHA!

Okay, so during the first few periods, the class were playing some Chinese Monopoly, and i don't even understand any words! So there's no way i could play, even if you guys want to guide me along, i would be bored anyway. After the first period ended, Miss Wong came in and said that she'll be seeing us for the last time for this week! Omg, we were like, "Damn!". Then she distributed us some chocolates and we watched Resident Evil Apocalypse! Yeah, it's a great movie, with only one nude scene and a great sequel to the first Resident Evil movie.

We only watched it for two periods, which was definitely not enough! We couldn't even touch Disc 2 and we had to go up to the Computer Lab for the Chemistry lesson. Yeah, and that's how my blog got "invaded*!

After that was recess, played music on the console again. I wished that Danial put in more Techno/Trance into his PSP man.. His PSP's music is getting more and more boring..

After recess, Mr Chua came in with his personal laptop. After waiting for ages for the lappy to be set up, Danial went into his iTunes and found WOAAAAAAAAAAAAAH GODAMNNNNNNN LOADS OF NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE songs! He has a lot of oldies, as well as newbies! His sister lent him the CDs! OMG, how envious!

Later, we had to go down for Mrs Chua's lesson in the AVA room, and we did a mind-bulging English worksheet which almost killed me. Applause for me seriously.

Well that's all for today.

Due to feedbacks from my friends, i decided to use back MyFlashFetish music players back, because IMEEM is loading rather slow. Don't worry, i'll introduce nice songs whenever i'm free!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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