October 30, 2007

cloud nine!

I hope that the retainees for the this year are alright, especially Shan Yang, because he was acting rather weird in MSN today. I'm very worried, because there are some good guys in there. But still, i hope you guys don't give up at all, like me. Continue, because in S'pore, there's really no way you could survive without any certificates at all. Please! DON'T GIVE UP! If you guys need any help, i'll be willing to help! Just look for me yeah! Good luck!

Good afternoon!

I'm feeling great today! I woke up, and all my backaches, headaches went away! Yeah, i had a wonderful sleep last night even though i slept at 12 midnight. So i went to school today, before that, in the bus, i was busy solving my Rubik's Cube! Still can't get one side until when i reached school, and Kaijie enlightened me! OMG, thanks Kaiz! I had Chemistry lesson today in the computer lab and Physics in the AVA room.

Sorry Miss Wong, that i never pay attention just now in class, just a lil distracted by someone though! Anyway, we did some worksheet that she given out. It was moderate, some able to do and some unable to do. After Miss Wong's lesson, yeah, able to get most of it. After that, headed down for Physics in the AVA room. Haha, Miss Tay was rather funny! Yeah, there was one graph she drew which i abruptly assumed it's a pair of boobs. LOL, remember Crest and Trough? HAHA! Then that Boon Keat, kept on saying his hand pain, then i turn back and said, "Shut up leh! Masturbate too much arh!". LOL, i was laughing at myself and Derrick, Miss Tay said well done to me. LOL.

After that, i went home and meddled with my cube again.

Managed to get one side.

Tried for 2 sides, but ended with 1 blue side. Zzz.

Anyone know what i can do with this empty bottle? It looks nice..

Lots of pens! Contributed by my Godsis!

Well, that's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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