October 14, 2007


What a boring Sunday!

Justin is overseas so no basketball for me during Sundays. I tried to sleep, but there's this auntie below singing karaoke, like got atomic bomb drop from the sky. Wtf. So i counter her, with an array of Techno music! But i played for only 7 minutes. Didn't want the neighborhood to scold me yeah! I turned on full bass and maximum volume, LOL! I already felt an earthquake, maybe that's a bit exaggerating, yeah just tremors.

Zhixun asked me to watch a movie with himself, Shirley, Kevin and Lingling. Didn't want to go because i will feel outcast since i'm not too close with anyone there. Besides, i got no money to even buy a happy meal from Mac, let alone a movie. So, yeah, sorry Zhixun!


Thanks to Jiemin, i found a drop dead cheap price for a PSP at a particular shop in Bugis. I'm going check it out after i get my report book and my pay from working at my mum's shop. Well, of course i have to promote to Sec 4 first before i can buy my PSP, LOL! So my purpose for posting this here to ask if anyone interested to accompany me maybe 3 days after the return of report books? Please call or SMS me at 93612279! Thanks!


Anyone wants to go Donut Factory during the November holidays? I could try to add some extra activities if you want. We could like head to Donut Factory for lunch and then head out for some activities. So i decided a vote here, vote for the activity you want!

PS* If i retain in Sec 3 again, this outing will be canceled due to lack of mood ):

This list will be updated.
1. Play LAN -> Probably CS or other games
2. Play bowling -> Any bowling alleys?
3. Go friend's house and stay overnight -> Suggestions!
4. Watch movie -> Anywhere.
5. Picnic outing -> East Coast Park or West Coast Park!
6. Study for next year (LOL!) -> o.o
7. Play pool -> Bugis?

Of course i need to find out the prices for the donuts from my God-sis, because she's the one who bought me all the donuts, not me.

Meanwhile, you can access the addresses from the site itself and pick which areas is more suitable for you to go. But of course, recommended is Suntec City!

Any inconvenience that may happen during this outing, please inform beforehand! (etc. takes too long from my house to there, not enough money, cannot stay too long bla bla)

Adults, like teachers, are most welcomed!

Anything, please call or SMS me at 93612279. Thanks!


Thank for visiting and may God bless you!

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