October 29, 2007


YAY! I got promoted! Thanks to Miss Pang and all the teachers for helping me and saying good things about me! Sorry Miss Pang, for making you traumatized after i got stressed on that day, sorry! And i'll always remember this hint (:

I do hope that all the people got promoted too! Boon Keat, Kaijie, Mengci got promoted, hooyeah! We should thank all the teachers man! After that, me, Derrick, Boon Keat, Kaijie, Jiemin and Mengci went to Vivo City to chill. I bought my Rubik's Cube! And yeah, i'm gonna drop the idea of buying a PSP. I don't want the PSP to control me the way it does to Derrick. =.=

When i reached home, i received loads of pens and notebooks from my Godsis! OMG, thanks very much! And my maid told me that the neighbour below me, is complaining about my air conditioner dripping water during rainy days. I was like, "WTF?" and almost went down to confront him. Seriously, he's like a fucker please. In fact, it had been raining for 5 consecutive days and obviously, the tray below my aircon contains water. Zzz, dude, find out facts first before you shoot words at people. Man, grown-ups these days, and still say that he wanted to complain to the HDB and call my mum. Seriously, if you are tired of living, go ahead man. I also hate you because you kept on smoking everday, everytime i study, i'll smell the damned smoke. If my mum lose money because of you, i'm seriously gonna rip your balls apart and poke you in the eye. No kidding, who ever messes with my mum goes through me first. Btw, it's not as if the water is gonna kill you or what, you think you are living in a mansion? Ever since you moved, you started making trouble for us every month, and whine like a freaking asswhore. Dude, just move out man. You are anti-social please, i said good morning to you and you didn't even bother. Zzz, fucker...

That's all for that neighbour of mine. Zzz, what a petty little grown-up..

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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