October 8, 2007

Good evening everyone! I had fun today, it's been so long since i last played badminton for hours.

So yeah, just to start it off.

I went to school today for a CLB paper. Today's attendance was considered the worst, because there's only me, Shan Yang and Jasper! And then Dennis, the captain of 3E, started looking at me blankly, which i thought is, "Wah, your class died?". LOL! Anyway, had flag raising ceremony as usual, but i would rather no flag raising during examination periods. Went to the test room and did my paper. Was rather easy, maybe easy enough to score full marks! After that, went to Tiong Bahru Plaza to walk around.

Walked around but all the shops are closed. I was like, "Zzz..". Ok, so i went to Burger King to eat breakfast. MacDonald's was crowded, and i do hate crowded areas. KFC wasn't opened yet. So i decided to kill some time at Burger King by going through my First Aid notes. Met a lot of people though, girls from 3C, some Scouts and a few of my own friends. And then finally, Felix came and kept me company till 11am! Thanks Felix! I laughed at the way him and the workers at Burger King talked, vulgarities here and there! HAHA! After that, went window shopping.

Bought a new keyboard and an optical mouse + mouse pad from Challenger. I wanted to buy a game, but was scared that my computer didn't meet the requirements! So it's time to save money again, this time up to $195. What i'm buying is a Video Card from Challenger, which is damn powerful. You could play games like WoW, Counter Strike : Source, F.E.A.R etc, without any lag! Now now, how addictive is that?

So it's around 12.15pm that time, i went into the toilet to refresh myself. Met Jiemin and Zhixun outside MacDonald's. Saw Zhixun only, come out all the teddy bear, or whatever. LOL. And then Zhixun forced me to accompany him to the toilet, tried ways to peek at his weenie, but failed. After that, went to Watson's to look for some Gatsby hair wax called Moving Rubber. Unfortunately, it was rather expensive at there. Saw Derrick and Chungaik soon after.

After awhile, i realized that me, Jiemin and Zhixun wore white and Derrick, Chungaik and Mengci wore black. It was like black vs white, LOL. So we walked all the way to the Henderson Community Center to play badminton. I didn't take any pictures though, was rather into the badminton game until i exert myself all the way through the game. One unforgettable match was with Jiemin, she was like struggling and trying to smack, LOL. I was lucky that she didn't threw the racket, otherwise i'll be damned. Zhixun and Chungaik are the fiercest ones there! They are damn good, please. So good until they both wanted to smack each other too! Haha, the badminton session was fun indeed, haven't played badminton for hours in like months..

After that, we went to a hawker center. Drank two glasses of sugar cane, needed sugar to fill up my strength. My right hand was shivering like mad. Well, it always happens after you played a vigorous game of badminton! Went to a provision shop with Zhixun and Chungaik. Zhixun found his Moving Rubber, which is about $1 lesser compared to that of Watson's. Well, talk about thrifty, i think i should be like that too!

While walking to Mengci's condo, we split up as Chungaik wanted to pierce his ear. So me, Zhixun and Jiemin went there instead. Didn't want to swim as i got some sort of phobia against swimming or diving. Derrick, Boon Keat and Chungaik came soon after, with Chungaik having pierced his ear. So yeah, they all swimmed while i'm emo-ing myself with a book (Quote from Jiemin)

After that, went home in a cab with Jiemin and Chungaik. YES, i treated them a free ride to their house and Chungaik to his workplace, since both of them are going to Chinatown! And yeah, thanks Chungaik for the 2 bucks. Went home shortly after.

Some pictures (:


Random pic 1

A shadow on a puddle. I guessing it's Derrick's? (Hint : LEGS)

Hi Derrick!

Damned cat.

New keyboard and mouse!

A book i bought from Popular. Love this series!

Some videos of them swimming (:

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

I had fun!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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