October 9, 2007

spring cleaning day!

Good afternoon everyone!

Although i said that i'll be updating in the night, i'm free now so why not update!

So i've been cleaning my house for almost the whole afternoon! I never tidy up my room for weeks, ever since the examination period started. I felt good, after seeing my room became from..

... to


And the amount of useless shit..

Had to them bring them down 2 bags by 2 bags from 11th floor all the way to the ground floor. It took me about 20 minutes! I was dang tired after that vigorous chore. But at least, i'm ready to take a nap in my cleaned up room! The air was fresh and it felt cozy! Snoozed for 2 hours and woke up again.


Just a reminder. When you want songs from me, don't freaking ask for the best songs! I could honestly tell you that my collection of 2000+ songs are hot! So now, you expect me to send those 2000+ songs to you? At least, tell me a particular artiste's name or a genre (etc. rock, pop), and then i would gladly send it to you! If i ever received such lousy requests, i'll just ignore them. That's my style, if you hate it, simply fuck off.


I'm beginning to quit MMORPGs already. I'm sick and tired of noobs, being arrogant. I wish that i could play a international game or just a game dedicated to the USA. At least, players from USA are less childish that of Asia. Of course, not all Asians are bad players, but the fact that 2/10 of the gaming population in Asia are noob players, i would rather puke blood. MapleSEA is definitely out for me, so don't bother asking me to play it back.

So i started playing games like The Sims 2, Max Payne, Half-Life 2 and much more, probably all single player games. But, i'm still waiting for CabalSEA, and maybe that's the only MMORPG i would ever play. I'm gonna be ruthless, violent, and definitely not merciful, because it's time to own the noobs. Period.


Finally, i have a semi-addiction to Facebook.com.

Thanks to Jiemin for introducing it to me. I'm been Superpoking, casting spells, sending gifts to each other. Unfortunately, there's a lack of people inside Facebook. So do try it out! It's fun, although it's a chore, but it'll be fun disturbing and screwing people up!

Don't forget to add me after you have registered!

That's all for today!
I'll be playing pool and catching a movie tomorrow! Gonna expect loads of pictures!
Btw, could anyone tell when the "holiday" is gonna end? Thanks.

Thank for visiting and may God bless you!

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