October 2, 2007

maths paper 1, 2 and history! mad shit..

Yeah, today's exams were Maths Paper 1 and 2 and History.
It's damn crazy okay..
I'm torturing my right hand like mad!
Wrote a lot for History, like 5-6 pages filled!
Crazy huh!

Anyway, the Maths Paper 2 was quite easy. But the shit is that the Paper 1 was damn hard! What to expect from Mr Kung, who set the Paper 1! At least give 6 questions on Circles! Then i found out that most of the questions Mr Kung set were formerly from the CA1/2 and mid-year exam scripts! Well, just my luck anyway..

So yeah, i'm hoping to at least get 40+ / 100, my expectation for Maths isn't that high anyway. It would be better if i get a pass (DUH!). English, Science, D&T and Maths are my #1 most important subjects, since they will get me to my favored designer's course in Singapore/Nanyang Polytechnic. Btw, the combination of D&T, Physics/Chemistry will probably get you to a engineer/designer course at Singapore/Nanyang Polytechnic. I do not know about JC though, but that's pretty much the reason why i chose that combination of subjects. A combination of POA/Physics/Chemistry or Biology may get you a course on accounting or those money making jobs in Ngee Ann or Temasek Poly i think. I already got an ambition, to be a games designer cum computer engineer!

And History just got my hand's blisters worse. That's just about it. And most of the class doesn't really touch much on the History exam, most of them were apparently dozing away on their dreamland..

Well, that's all for today..
And tomorrow's my free day! YEEHAW!
But next Monday isn't.. BOOOO. *thumbs down*

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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