October 24, 2007

Ok, i took a nap and once again, i'm fully revived! My energy tanks are filled up!

I was glad that the flame war is over. Yeah, i started it first though and after what eve tag in his blog, i find myself rather stupid. Haha, anyway, it's over and done. Nothing to worry about.

I have to wait till Monday to receive my report book while the rest receives it tomorrow. Damn, it's like waiting forever, man. Hey Life, you know i hate waiting games and you purposely wanna piss me off? Oh damn, i'm talking to myself again. *smacks face*

My socks are damn black today, and you should know why! I've been to the computer lab two times already! And we have yet to watch a movie fully, it's always cut off at a certain part. Watched Kungfu Hustle today and it's damn freaking nice! I downloaded the movie and i'm gonna watch it again! My current addiction =D

Danial recommended me a job in SingPost to move in and out things, and it's $35 per day. Just need some opinions, the worktime is overnight, meaning after 12 midnight all the way to 6am in the morning. I just have to move stuffs here and there, but it's kinda eerie moving stuffs in the death of the night. I suddenly got a feeling to back out now. I don't like working at fastfood restaurants, i prefer those jobs that require strength and not endurance. I guess most of my friends are already working at fastfood restaurants and i find Danial's job a bit weird.

I'm trying to make myself quit all those MMORPGs like 2Moons online, Flyff. So i'm glad to say that i quit all online games already. If you wanna follow my path..
1. Waste all your money on upgrading. Just for the pleasure.
2. PK till all your godly items are stolen.
3. Scold vulgarities at GMs.
4. Spam the chat channels.
5. Be a total idiot and KS everywhere.
I officially quit online games and i would rather switch to offline games, probably the games from PSP are much suited for me, like Tony Hawk's P8, Midnight Club 3, Initial D. I just want myself to be promoted, so that i can get hold of the PSP!!

So the holidays are drawing near, and we pretty much won't see each other that often. But we'll chat online! Haha, don't worry, i'll still blog about my life, my slimming down plan and hopefully by the time you see me next year, i'll be like, FIT!

I know my post today isn't that interesting, because i can't find any ideas to make it more interesting. Will try harder next time!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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