October 20, 2007

reply of tags

I'll reply all tags of today, since there are lesser tags =D
Sorry if i can't reply to all previous ones, because there were too much of 'em.

Jieying : Good evening! Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and encouraging me! Haha, sure no problem, but i do study by myself most of the time. Haha (:

Chungaik : Haha, that's really something. Good suggestion! Well, i could just wish for all the best now. There's really nothing i could do now. Thanks =D

Pass-By : Please do read my tag on the tagbox itself (:

Gary : Hahaha! Relax man, don't scold teachers. Maybe he was rather tight in his work. Well, we humans sometimes have no control over ourselves. Anyway, thanks xD

Jiemin : Haha, thanks! Don't worry, i won't let it fade away. I'm determined to pass all subjects next year, well hopefully and maybe just borderline passes. Thanks (: (:

Juihao : HAHA, yeah! I'm gonna rock the house on Monday! Maybe even blast some music! Haha, thanks =D

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