October 26, 2007

I'm rather ashamed to face anyone now.


I cried at class today upon receiving the report books. I did not receive mine, because i need to bring my parents to see the principal next Monday. Miss Pang said that i've been promoted to Sec 4. I know, but the pressure on me is killing me and i'm been waiting for the report book like forever. There's no way i could enjoy myself, without looking at my status in the report book. All of a sudden, i broke down. Maybe the fact that i can't stand hearing people saying, "Omg, i'm promoted!", "Cher! Why my rank so low!". In my mind, i wanted to say, "Be glad that you are promoted and not whine about anything else". Yeah, some people just do not understand my situation here.

And thanks Miss Pang, for consoling me after class today, along with Swee Hong, Chungaik, Kevin and Zhixun. Thanks you guys! And yeah, i almost broke my damn knee in the toilet, and i didn't even noticed that the floor is wet.

I know i'm a cry-baby when it comes to this. Not everyone can control their emotions you know. Say whatever you like, do whatever you like. Btw, i punched the wall several times is not for show, it's to punish myself for what i've done. The pain while punching the wall makes me regret everything i've done during the past few months. If the pain still lingers, it means that i'll have to regret even more.

And yeah, congratulations to all the pupils that have promoted. You guys deserve it. Please do wish those people who are going to see the principal with their parents some luck! Thanks!

That's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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