October 3, 2007

Good morning!
Did not went to school today because i got no exams today!
I did get a little bored, so i decided to check up on my horoscope..

Try to avoid thinking too deeply today; minor niggles about where you’re going in life, and whether you’re making the most of your opportunities are likely to pull your mood down. Concentrate on today’s successes, and leave the deeper pondering for another day!

Yeah, i should follow my horoscope and master the concept and points of SCIENCE. Then, own tomorrow's papers! I should make use of every opportunity to study and yeah, mug hard. I should not be thinking about the fear of retaining but get to Sec 4 instead! Haha, the horoscope today helped me somehow!

So that's all for today!
Mug hard for tomorrow's Science papers!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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