October 6, 2007

went to visit dad


I was out the whole afternoon, to visit my Dad and went to Sembawang to celebrate Javier's birthday.

Around 1pm, i waited for Ah Pek's lorry to arrive at my house. After that, we went to Sembawang to bring some stuffs over. Loads of food and a lot of people! The house was nice, since it was my first time there. And yeah, i love the lorry rides at the back! The wind is so darn strong, that you will never perspire at all! Gotta love it, although sometimes, you can even smell shit out there.

After that, i went into the car with Feng Ying's mum, Toa Payoh and Ubi Ah Pek to Kuala Lumpur to meet my dad. The ride itself took 2 hours, and i took a snooze while going there. After we reached there, went up to dad's apartment and i'm so glad he grown some weight in him. The last time i saw him, he's looked so skinny. My dad's usually bigger and fatter than me, his palm is a killer, please. One slap and you'll fly, till i-don't-know-where. Now it seems i'm the opposite of him already. But, i'm still glad that he's alive and still kicking strong.

He left me, with some pictures of his operation. I almost wanted to cry, seeing how his chest was opened just like that. We had a group picture later, and another picture of me and my dad. After that, we went back to Singapore and went back to Sembawang for dinner.

Some pictures to do the talking (:

Me and dad <3

Two babies i caught at Sembawang. CUTE PLEASE!

The back of Ah Pek's lorry.

Brought back some food. Yummmm. Fried rice, assorted fried food and curry!

While going back home on Ah Pek's lorry with Feng Ying's mum, decided to take some pictures!

Outside Queensway Shopping Centre. A pretty sight. Reminds me of when Derrick got punk'd. LOL.

Chinatown Point. Reminds me of Jiemin. LOL.

Heavy traffic x.x

Well, that's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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