October 19, 2007

thanks y'all

Ugh. I'm having insomnia and a headache right now. I couldn't sleep, i was like tossing here and there. I was thinking about today's promotion meeting in the afternoon. I really don't want to retain. I heard that next year's NA classes are filled with assholes and crazy people. I have a feeling that it will be 10 times worse than our class.

If i ever retain, i'm gonna beg Mr Giam like crazy. I'll even kneel down before him just for me to promote into Sec 4. I'll do anything, confiscate my computer, take away my privileges etc. I'll work really hard next year, i promise. I have already woken up my idea and it's time for me to work my ass off next year. I want to get inside my desired course in Polytechnic and get my diploma. I want to design cool stuffs and even make better games than other companies.

I also want to thank all the people that have tagged my blog. Be it encouragement or some scolding, i'm really happy. I'm really glad to have friends like you all. You guys gave me a life, everlasting and precious. Even though i'm a broken glass, you guys still accepted me as your friend and even forgo the fact that i'm a retainee. I do not want any more friends except you guys, you guys are really the best.

I'm gonna treasure every moment, every outing and every single little thing we do forever. Be it bad or good, it's still a memory. I really enjoyed the times we had.

Finally, i wish that we all promote into Sec 4 together. We'll own the N levels and O levels like crazy. Who knows, we'll even break the record number of passes during the past few years! Nothing is impossible.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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