October 23, 2007

Good evening y'all!

I had the best nap of my life! It's not what you think, women and all. I did not had a bad dream, nor a good dream. It was just plain, old napping! Actually sometimes, the little things you do can make you happy!

Justin asked me just now why i kept on blogging when there's like nobody tagging at all. My answer is, blogging is a hobby i guess. I'll still blog regardless of nobody tagging. As long as i can remember the past using this blog, it's worth it. As long as there is even 1 reader, i'm happy!

I was supposed to go for a health checkup today, but i rescheduled it to the holidays, much more convenient! Anyway, congratulations to Jiemin for receiving her IC, finally can watch NC16 shows!

The first period was History! It was a free period, so i stared at Derrick, playing his PSPS (Playstation Portable Slim), LOL. The Monster Hunter game seems to quite addictive, but i like violent games, *grins*. Miss Foo asked me to slim down when the holidays start! Of course, i will slim down! I'm gonna watch my diet from today onwards!

The next period was Mother Tongue, but Miss Pang took over! We had a mini-spring cleaning session, we cleared up the back cupboard and all the papers. I volunteered myself for the carrying of the rubbish sacks down to the main rubbish center! Haha, it was rather fun eh, disturbing friends sweeping the floor and returning books to their owners. Haha, what an uber crazy day.

D&T was next. Me and Danial went down to the workshop and sort of discuss our plans for next year, as next year's D&T project work is gonna be even more harder, and stressful. As usual, the 6-7 month project and we are supposed to think of a design and then create presentations. ARGH, stressed already! Warning for those whose transferring from POA to D&T, please don't, stay in POA. If you head to D&T now, you'll have a lot to catch up, really A LOT.

Recess started, i slacked all the way.

Maths was next. Haha, at the almost end of lesson, Mr Kung wanted to share his *life story* eh with us, and Siraj went to talk something else. Mr Kung said, "Eh eh, my life story leh, listen to me leh!". LOL, i disturbed Siraj like !@#$.

After this, the D&T students (3B, 3D and 3E) went to the Red Dot museum! It had a simple outer look on the streets. Anyway, some pictures i took inside.

Damn, this urinal is damn shiny. DAMN!

Looks comfy, but we're not allowed to sit on it.

Condoms. I was like, "Why condoms still need a packaging remake?". ZZZ.

Touch screen panels of the future household switches!

Wine glasses!

Presentation boards!

A chair? How weird..

Future phones.. =.=

Water sinks. SPOTLESS!

Mun Tat! Comfy LAH!


Machine drills.

Wtf is this?

A chair, yah, a chair.


Ying-Yang couch. If you see it bird's eye view, it will be a Ying-Yang symbol.


Admiring bathroom appliances. o.o?

Very comfy!!

Wall lamps. Nice.


The Marina Bay model.



Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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