October 26, 2007

the last day of school

Haha i uploaded some pictures.

Don't worry, guys! I'm okay already. And about me punching the wall, i guess it's a childhood habit. Thanks everyone in the tagboard for cheering me up and really, i'm alright!

My blog's top referrers.
Top blog referrers are Jiemin, Derrick and Chungaik. o.o

Derrick's PSP, i threatened him! HAHA!

Calvin! He's playing with the rubik's cube!

Boon Keat! Sucking his lollipop!

Shhh. A bear's sleeping, do not disturb!

Zzz, a victory sign and a middle finger..


PSP addicts.


Chungaik watching Artz.

Okay that's all!
Stay tuned for tomorrow's post!

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