October 12, 2007

extra poison please..

TO THE IDIOT WHO SPAMMED MY HOTMAIL INBOX. You seriously have no fucking life at all. It took me 30 minutes just to clear your damned spam mails. You god damned dimwit, what benefits do you have by spamming my inbox? NOTHING, i tell you. Your IP is so fucking banned, and you can continue to spam my mail. Seriously, get a life or do you even need a life coupon? I'm already at my lowest mood, and here you are, spamming my mail for like 1000 times. You expect people to help you clear your damned shit? Please, i would rather take all this shit and just shove it into your freaking mouth.

Seriously, i could just burst out anytime now.

Today didn't seem show its worth coming to school today. I would rather have a 10 days holiday rather than have a sudden gap in the middle. Some examination papers were given up, namely English, History, Physics and D&T. Some totally killed me, some brought me slight joy but it isn't enough.

Curious to know my marks?

English : 38/80 [Paper 2] - This paper totally killed me.
History : 21/50 - One of my best improvements so far, from a pathetic 4 to a 21.
Maths : 48/100 [Combined] - The best improvement, from a 23 to a 48. 2 marks please?
Physics : 10/50 - Definitely not sweet. Suicidal.
D&T : 74/100 [Project + Theory] - The best shit out there. Topped this subject.

My wishes for now..
English : 22/40 [Paper 1] - In order to pass the FYE English. It's a freaking 45%.
Social Studies : 29/50 - In order to pass the whole of Humanities.
Chemistry : 25/50 - Science is hopeless, but i can pull up my total marks by scoring well at this.
CLB : Do i look like i give a fuck? _|_

Pardon me for my vulgarity above. So that's it. It's expected that i failed my English Paper 2, because i'm weak in it. Paper 1 is the one that pulls me up the most. When i first saw the History paper, i was rather shocked. I expected lower marks for History, but anyway! It's a good improvement!

Miss Pang told us during CME that we could write a reflection to her so that she got something to say for the particular person in order for him/her to promote. I wrote a rather short note and i hope it helps. I can't tolerate this shit anymore, i want back the papers. It's driving me nuts.

Friends, teachers and even my old ones, motivated me and comforted me while i'm in a dilemma, whether to enjoy or just lament on the past. Thank you all!


Some random shots around the D&T workshop.

Outside of the workshop.. It rained this morning.

Inside the workshop.

Secondary 1 works! Nice designs huh!

Our artworks!

Acrylic works!

More works!


Stationaries that we always kapo from!

Mun Tat on my bag! DAMN!

Peng Zhen snoozing away.. o.o

That's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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