October 10, 2007

pool and movie outing!

Good evening everyone! Just came back from the outing! It was quite fun, yeah!

So, Boon Keat came to my house at around 1.15pm. Well, he came to play of course! At around 4pm, we went to Bugis to meet up with Chungaik and Kenneth. The Bugis MRT station was rather crowded, so me and Boon Keat had a tough time charging through those boulders! After that, went to rent a pool table and started playing! After around 1 hour, we went to MacDonald's to eat our dinner!

After that, met up with Derrick and Kaijie at Tiong Bahru to watch the movie, The Detective, a horror movie! It was darn nice, and the sudden suspense could easily scare you to bits. It has a concept similar to that of Shutter, so yeah it's awesome. Do check it out! After that, went to MacDonald's again and bought a Vanilla Milkshake, my favorite! Yum!

Anyway, some pictures!

Damn crowded at Bugis today!

Second picture.

The pool session..


Boon Keat!



At Tiong Bahru..

Chungaik playing Daytona 2.

That middle finger is definitely bad-ass.

Definitely an odd picture. The picture is blurred, but the Derrick and they all aren't! Cool!

That middle finger is bad-ass, with a spoon?

Sneak pic! Derrick!

Derrick's dish. YUM.

Is he acting cute? LOL.

Haha, had fun today yeah.
Been two outings already, and enjoyed them. Seems like the report books are coming close.

Anyway, thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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