October 11, 2007


Today was a tad boring day. Friends not online, either too busy playing games or just AFK. I've been outside all the while, walking around, jogging and stuff. It's damn boring without any friend's company. After that, came home to sleep and woke up in like 20 minutes.

Maybe it's because of the examination results. Yeah, i've been paranoid since the day when it ended. Whether will i promote or retain. But of course, i would want to promote! What i have done the past few days before the examinations was just mugging, mugging and more pure mugging. I do not know exactly whether all these muggings had paid off. Sometimes, i chose not to hear people comparing their answers and so. But if it's positive, i'll get mildly confident of passing. Still, it all depends on the teachers.

Why didn't it rained today? The clouds were sad, very sad. Looking at the bright clouds turned into darker ones. Why wouldn't it rain, once and for all! I can't stand this atmosphere around me. It's so driving me nuts. I just hope that everything goes well for tomorrow, the only school day for the week.

I would seriously torture myself if i ever retain again. Dang, it's really having no face retaining for the first time, but for the second, it's suicide. If i promote, i will torture myself too. Why didn't i pay attention in class while the teacher is teaching? I wish i could slap myself, but i couldn't, because what's done cannot be undone.

That sums up for i have to say today though.. Just want to wish all my friends good luck upon receiving their results and status. It's gonna be hard, people are gonna cry, people are gonna be joyful, and some neutral. But whatever it is, i got to face the fact.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

Today morning, a girl in MSN added me out of nowhere. She's neither from GESS nor any school i can thought of. She said that she added me randomly from Friendster! Guess what, she said this to me in MSN..

" hiiex, iie addwedx euu fwr0m fwensterrx. cann iie kn0wwie euu bwetta? "
Exactly like that.

Guess what i did..

" Bye. "

I said, "Bye" and deleted her from my contacts. I took at least 30 seconds to actually understand what she's talking about. I can't believe she actually wasted her time adding extra letters to a single English word. I could like typed..

" Hi, i added you from Friendster. Can i know you better? "

How does that sounds? Better yeah? I knew that in the long run, if i never delete her from my contacts, i'll be damned. I could like waste extra time just to understand her twitish words. I would rather talk to a girl who speaks well rather than someone who doesn't. I have a friend whose English isn't that good, but still he types English.

Even if she's a sexy chickpie, i'll still ignore her. I wonder where this so-called twit language came about?

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