October 17, 2007

Good afternoon!

Just some updates. I updated my playlist and uploaded new songs into my IMEEM account, so do check it out and do request if you want some of the songs. As for request, as i said in my past posts, your request should include an artist's name, if not, a genre. I do not entertain requests like, "I want the best songs!". Okay?

So yeah, school's kinda fun today. As usual, the class is halved. I would assume that those who didn't attend school will most likely to be retainees, no offense, just my point of view. If they don't help themselves by attending school, why should the teachers bother to even help them? I can't understand why though.

Some of my old friends are quitting school and only left with an N level qualification. They don't even plan to head on to ITE and just lead life with only one certificate? How are you gonna earn money? It's not as if you can work in fastfood restaurants for your whole life. What about marriage? What about the future? What, you gonna sell your body as a gigolo/hooker in order to earn quick bucks? I seriously don't understand people and neither would i go all out to help. They deserve it, they will succeed in the long run.

Of course, i can't stop them since it's their darn decision. Like hell, what friends are for. Retainees, gangsters or whatever. As long as you treat me nice, i'll do likewise.

You can hog on MapleSEA the whole day. Eat tidbits for breakfast, lunch and dinner. By 3 months, you didn't even noticed that you have turned into a pig. Yeah, Lvl 200. So what? You clearly just wasted 1/2 of your life in a virtual game. People respect you for? Godly scrolled items? Leveling like a crazy mugger? Like please, i could like invest $100 into A-Cash and then get back nothing at all. Well, i can't blame them anyway. I do admit that the game is addictive.

So enough of that, i heard from Mr Kung that i've passed my overall Maths. That's like failing in a row for 3 years and suddenly getting a pass. I officially confirmed that i'll be heading to Secondary 4! Hurray for me! Like what Mr Kung said, we just overcome the hurdle. The next big hurdle will be the N levels. Gosh, i think next year will be WAY more hectic than this year.

I also can say that i'm officially getting my PSP! Like hell yeah! I'm been waiting for it for so damn long, seeing how people enjoyed playing it kinda makes me drool. But, i'll try to not bring it to school all the time, because it will clearly disrupt me from studying. Nothing's gonna change this!

One final thing. Don't label ITE as It's The End. I would love to smack you in the face. ITE is still a darn school for students to study! And please, ITE isn't the end of the road for you. After ITE, you still can head on to Polytechnic and even graduate from university! And yeah, good luck to Sec 4A! Don't give up! Remember, ITE isn't the end.

That's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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