October 18, 2007


I'm kinda moodless today.
I guess you could roughly figure out why.

It just so happens when the teachers said that you passed a particular subject, and suddenly pops out a fail. I've seen my marks. I know what outcome i'm going to be in, unless i get help during the promotion meeting. People are gonna outcast me, like what the class did to me in 2006. As the saying goes, "Once bitten, twice shy", i have retained once, i tried my best to build up my foundation, and this is really the best i could do.

And the time comes when i need encouragement? Period. And yeah, thanks Boon Keat, for encouraging me during the last two periods. Appreciated it. And yeah, congratulations Derrick for promoting. Please be happy that you are promoting and not angry at the fact that you cannot use your computer.

I cried in the dark, during the period in the AVA room. I wanted to put on a strong front, but maybe i wasn't that strong at all. Yeah, maybe i'm really a big guy, with a small heart.

I done what i have done. Everything is gonna be finalized tomorrow, at the promotion meeting. I wish all teachers good luck in making the whole class promote, you guys are the best, seriously.

I hope my friends won't ditch me because, the loss of friends is as good as death.

I wish that i would promote to Sec 4 and then work my ass off next year for the N levels.


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