January 15, 2008

...when things don't go your way.

Good evening!

Today is one of my most unlucky days ever. A lot of things happened, lots of bad ones and lesser good ones. Maybe I'm too soft-hearted already, until some guys even tried to take advantage of it. Danial taught me something new today, that I should try to influence it in my daily lives. So I ran up and down, thinking that the upper Secondary was supposed to wear a tie today. So much for the effort.. And I ended up sweating profusely during the flag raising ceremony.

While heading up to the classroom, I can't remember who said that I locked the classroom. I left the back door open for those who needed to see Mr Chan urgently. Please check the doors thoroughly before complaining to me, because I wouldn't lie to you. Even if I lied, I wouldn't get anything in return anyway.. I got kind of pissed, but soon after, was back to normal.

The first two lessons were Social Studies.. Last week's lesson was alright, but today's was just plain boring. I could almost sleep during the lesson, but I rather not get into trouble! After some revising, we did our first ever Social Studies class test, which is counted in the overall marks! Damn it.. I hope I did it well enough for just a pass, because I hardly revise on Social Studies at all..

The next lesson was Chemistry, one of my favorites! We did some touching up before heading into the laboratory. I was finding my question paper, for the practical. In the end, I found it inside my plastic folder and I obviously did not pass it up last week to Ms Mah. I kind of embarrassed myself, once again! After that, we went to the laboratory to do the last part of the practical. But but but, the damn stench of the boiling tubes almost made me faint. The stench was so strong, that it tickled my brain a lot! The feeling of it is like having two holes blocked on your nose, hardly breathing at all! The stench was godly, seriously..

Next was PE. We practiced and played Volleyball today. Frankly, this is my first time playing Volleyball and I admit that I'm a slow learner when it comes to sports. One of the sports that I totally failed at is Soccer. I was always solo-ing, not providing any teamwork whatsoever! Enough of that.. I practiced whacking and serving of the ball, until I was summoned to the 4D team of Volleyball-ers! I was a total noob, maybe a nuisance. But my team mates were reasonable, as they know that it's my first time playing a match of Volleyball! Thanks guys! But in the end, we won 4E, but it was a friendly match so it does not really matter! *evil laughs*

Recess time! Went out of class as usual. Sitting down at the benches outside the classroom block. After a few minutes, went back in again! But hell, I don't really see the point of not staying inside the classroom. I mean, it was successful last year, no known thefts were reported, no warnings issued and err.. I think it was because of the people playing music in the teacher's console.. I guess that's about it, the whole reason behind it. Yeah, it disrupts the classes below, which are having lessons..

English was next! As always, Mr Sandhu's lessons were full of surprises and really interesting. You'll never know what comes out of his mouth. It can be either bad, good or funny! But most of the time, it's funny! I heard that only 90% of the class passed last week's English test. I was shocked, really. After that, we read a comprehension passage on Pho, a bowl of noodles made in Vietnam, Hanoi, which was deemed as a national delicacy. The passage itself claims that Pho was extremely delicious, spicy and most likely, addictive. It was even more addictive than Tobacco, GFD! And having Pho is like having sex, not real sex, but the pleasuring experience of it! I had never tasted Pho before, and neither heard of it. Maybe I'll head overseas when I'm older to taste the overwhelming taste of Pho!

After that, Mr Sandhu showed us a power point of a short story on Sand and Stone. All I find from this story is..

Carve your good memories on a stone, so that it will never be erased and will be there for eternity...
...and write your bad memories on sand, so that wind will blow it away to erase every single one in your mind.

I find this really meaningful and quotable quotes can be extracted from it! That's about it.

After that was Maths. I felt as if I did Mr Kung wrong. He sounded real stressed, and quite possibly living a life full of living hell. I felt really guilty. I find him really a great role model to teachers, as in, sacrificing Saturdays for your own class! I mean, which teacher would even do that, and frequently, to add on! Yeah, he's a great teacher. I salute him for his sacrificial deeds, and his care and concern for us, 4D and 4E!

After school, I went to the classroom block on the second floor for Scouts. Me and the Sec 5 Ventures were supposed to teach the Sec 2s on Advanced Scout Standard. I need a refreshed knowledge on it, so I'll need to bring it home for further analysis! Haha!

Went home after Scouts, but it was raining heavily.. So I was drenched like hell before I even stepped into home! Free shower! LOL.

Okay that's about it today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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