January 31, 2008


Forgive the sun who didn't shine
The sky had asked her in to dine

Forgive the stars that heard your wish
The moon prepared their favorite dish

Forgive the rain for its attack
The clouds have tears they can't hold back

Don't hate the birds 'cause they are free
Don't envy all the things they see

Don't block the wind, but hear its cry
Or else that wind may pass you by

Forgive the storm it means no harm
Could not resist to show its charm

Forgive the Earth that never turns
Don't hate the sun, because too much burns

Life intends to not cause pain
The flowers bloom from all the rain

The storm will come and it will pass
The sun that shines, it grows the grass

The wind it cannot help but cry
The stars at night light up the sky

Forgive the world in which we live
We'll all find peace if we forgive


; Maybe I wasn't being forgiving for the past few days. I had this flu and a running nose, which made me powerless and weak. I had to blow the mucus out of my nose several times, or rather, excessively. Every single day I returned home, my handkerchief never fails to be wet and filled with mucus. I tried skipping school to see the doctor, but I can't afford to skip any lessons since I only have 5 subjects to pass for my "N" level examinations. Maybe, I'm not matured enough to handle all these stress, that will arrive sooner or later in adulthood.

And hence, the short poem above. I have to thank Suying for reciting me such a wonderful poem, that encourages me and hopefully, heals me internally. Rest assured Suying, I'll definitely give you the best Valentine's ever, in recognition for the priceless values you taught me and the time you spent with me. I had to be the luckiest guy on Earth, to receive you as my girlfriend. And I'll see you on the 14 of February!


Today marked the end of January, and the day I'll always remember is my birthday. It was the first time, after 8-9 years, that I celebrated with cake and with a candle on top, 3 times on the day! I really have to thank, especially 4D's first couple; Jiemin and Chungaik, Justin and gang, my girlfriend, Suying and all my friends. You guys made a difference in my Life, during my birthday by celebrating it with me. Once again, thank you guys!

Heh. It's not time to die yet.
Someone has to be loved, till the day I die.

And yeah, ever wondered what kind of woman you should get?
Let class 4D teach you!



And finally, tomorrow's my first time after a year, changing into Scout's uniform and participating in the flag ceremony. I do hope that it will be a breeze, like the old times during 2004 and 2005. I really missed those days.. Tomorrow's going to be rather nostalgic, I guess.

Well, I have to sleep now. In the future, I maybe updating my blog this late, due to the fact that I'm quite sick nowadays (Don't know why I'm still living, haha) and I have to spend time with Suying, because I love her! (Isn't that reasonable enough?)

Okay, alright.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!
And Suying, I love you!

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