January 9, 2008

Rain rain rain..

Good evening! It has been raining lately so it has been rather cold. I don't feel cold, because i have a layer of embedded armor! My shoes are getting really dirty already and it only has been a few days since i bought them!

Anyway, back to today.. Actually didn't feel like blogging, but well anyway.. yeah.

It was raining hard today, right at the moment i left my house, it started raining. When i reached school, it's only 6.25am.. Yeah, came too early and i only saw Robin sitting at the general office's study area and some teachers talking amongst each other. So i just sat down and waited. Then Weiyuan came and we talked crap. I had to draw the key so i went there and the auntie scolded me for apparent reason.. I'm only signing the freaking form, only to get scolded by her. What has the world come to?!

First 2 periods were Maths. I finally understood the purposes of Sine and Cosine rules. I learn very slow, really. Well, it can't be helped, i learn slow but if i master it, it will be on my mind, always. Can tell that Mr Kung is speeding up his teaching speed by a lot, but i bet the teachers or lecturers at Polytechnics are way faster, and harder to catch up!

Next was another 3, vexing periods of D&T. Tomorrow the D&T pupils will be going to the Singapore Polytechnic for a design practical session, i think. We will be released super early, around 8.30am! Meaning, we will only be in the first period! I know what you guys are thinking, hahahaha. But i'll bring my books, just in case it gets canceled or something..

After D&T was Chinese, just helped the teacher to set up the CD player. And then slacked. Oh yeah, sorry Jiemin for sabotaging you to carry the CD player! Haha, won't do it again..

Recess time, just slacked.

CD period was next. Some people's seats were changed, for better and the worse. I thought that Miss Pang was gonna cry, and when i put on my glasses, she's not. Must be my wild imagination.. Well, she grew stronger ever since last year so yeah, the results are in front of your eyes.

English was next! This English periods are the ones i look forward to almost everyday! 2 periods per day except Monday, it's good enough! Mr Sandhu's lessons are so interesting and funny! He has had to be one of the best English teachers around. Anyway, we did a crossword puzzle and some cloze passages. After that, we played a frog game.. Kinda funny how Mr Sandhu say "Bang! Bang!" to the students who didn't solve the puzzle! HAHAHA! It's damn funny.. When it's almost ending, he showed us a powerpoint slide of what we experienced almost everyday, and it's compared to what the people in Africa's facing.

If i said 7 million people died, would you care or something? To some, not. Mainly because 7 million is merely just a figure. Only a handful of people care for countries outside of Singapore. My maid's country, Philippines has encountered lots of floods and earthquakes, but she's fortunate that her children are living in an area where it's safe. And the twin tower disaster in September 11, 2001, was one of the worst tragedy that ever happened to USA. So please, perform a short prayer to the people around the world, who has encountered worse situations than us. This paragraph is dedicated to my Trickster friend, who's living in Japan right now. He has suffered knee injuries and fractured arms. Wish you all the best, buddy.

After school, went for CLB in H1-02. Been waiting like hell, and no teachers came. So me, Chungaik and Jasper decided to leave. I went to the canteen and saw Safwan, Daniel and Risheng. Haven't talked to Safwan for a long time.. So we chatted a lot, with Qihao eating his rice and listening. We talked about a lot of things, songs and the artistes! Hahaha, it's somewhat funny too! Then Ziqi came, and we suddenly talked about cars. Qihao was meddling with my phone, and suddenly Miss Pang called me. She said that why didn't i went for CLB. I waited for damn long! Haha, i never get scolded, but instead the CLB class was shifted to Friday, after school, not sure about the venue, gonna ask Miss Pang tomorrow.

That's all for today!
Gonna expect lots of pictures at the Singapore Polytechnic!

Thanks for visiting my blog and may God bless you!

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