January 4, 2008


I have to say that Friday is one of the best days, not because of the number of periods, but the lessons itself! Mr Sandhu, our new English teacher, rocks man! His accent is funny, but serious! The first time he came in, we all thought he was a joke. His hands on his sides, acting a bit gayish. He was the self-proclaimed best teacher in his other school, where he can whoop up several distinctions and merits from an underdog class. Hope to learn from him, he looks reliable! The song that he played on his lappy for us, was Colin Raye - Love, Me. Haven't heard this song for a long time.. But it was pretty nostalgic to be able to listen it again! The first two periods were dynamic!

After that was one period of Maths, Mr Kung was still our Maths teacher, which in fact, all of us can sigh in relief! He's following us till Sec 5, and that's really, really awesome. Mr Kung can be in fact, the best teacher in the block! Haha!

Then it was 3 vexing periods of D&T.. 3 periods! All we did was just listening to Mr Kwan, talk talk talk and talk. Almost all of us were sleeping, then he used his magic stick to wake us up, LOL. Other than that, we just sat down, compressing our butts to the bench, for 1 and a half hours..

Recess, stayed in class, listen to some songs and got ready for the last two periods.

Ms Mah came in for our Chemistry lesson. Why does Ms Mah speak so negatively of herself? Us being taught by her isn't a "suay" thing, but a blessing in disguise. She also said that Mr Chan, our new Physics teacher, was an awesome teacher. She said until the extent than our Physics will be at least a pass, or better yet, a distinction, 100%. Judging by the way he forces people to digest and his way of teaching, so no doubt about that. I'll be expecting screamings, sulkings and most importantly, outside-of-the-class punishments. *stares at 4F*

After that, we went down to the Chemistry lab to perform an experiment! It's been ages ever since i touched a test tube, LOL. And the best thing is, it's an individual experiment! I would rather do solo work, than in a pair, where i can't do jack.

That's all for today!

There's AP tomorrow! WOOO! *no idea why i'm so happy*

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