January 5, 2008


Woke up pretty early today, around 9am i guess. The purpose of me waking up early, is to play Silkroad! After that, went to bath and headed for school.

I went up to the classrooom, and saw Chungaik and Derrick, arriving earlier than me! Then, Chungaik asked me to draw the class key. In the end, Mr Kung already drew the key and when we went up, Mr Kung's inside already! Grrr, so much for the effort..

The Maths extra lesson was put to good use. It was more of a refresher course! At least i remembered most of my formulas which i forgotten after those 2 months of holidays.. It is good having Mr Kung as a Maths teacher! Other Maths teachers i know, wouldn't go until this extent to even tutor the whole class! =D

After that, went to Safra's bowling alley to play 1 game of bowling. I was expecting 2-3 since that's normal amount of games i play anyway.. But i cannot blame the others, since they were not prepared nor even told beforehand that we are going bowling. All this were prepared last minute. This is the first time i played with my new friends, used to play with my old friends a lot of times.. Derrick was good, Chungaik counted on his luck, and Jiemin.. *speechless* LOL. Nevermind, practice makes perfect! I got the highest in the game.. Nothing to be proud of, considering 100 score a pretty low mark for intermediates..

I even noticed that most of the guys already left before even half of the bowling game.. Maybe bowling isn't their game, i guess.. After that, Derrick left, leaving only me, Chungaik and Jiemin, confused about what to do. Me and Chungaik decided to buy a pair of shoes from Queensway, so here we go again, taking the bus ride all the way to Queensway.. I bought a pair of Nike Air Dunks, Red and Gray colors respectively. I just bought it for it's longevity, not the design..

Chungaik begged me to go Anchorpoint with him and Jiemin, to see some pets.. I wasn't a pet lover though, i kinda disliked being forced.. But they are my friends, so me being the eldest there, i shouldn't be acting like some nerd or something, LOL. =D

Walked around.. Bla bla bla.. Then it rained. Why does it always have to rain at the wrong time? Maybe God's against me for something, LMAO. Anyway, i took the 195 bus to Queenstown MRT and took the train ride to home!

I'm glad i bought new shoes. My old pair of shoes have very little friction, thus allowing me to fall while walking on slippery grounds.. I almost fell, near my house market! I was like, "Phew, WTF..".

Went home straight after that.

My leg's kinda pain now, maybe due to all the walking and stuff. I admit i had become much weaker. Need to exercise, build up my leg muscles and slim down.. I heard that skipping any of the 3 meals a day, will lead to low blood sugar, which increases the effect of hunger. In fact, eating 3 meals a day does not make you overweight, since it's your daily consumption! Rumor has it that people who skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight, than average.

That's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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