January 26, 2008

Gonna live everyday like it's the last.

Good afternoon!

I want to talk about yesterday night. I was unlucky, just my luck I guess. I was shaving my beard, and cut my throat area two times, a small dot-sized cut and a fingernail-long cut which was more painful. I was whining in pain for 30 minutes, it really hurt like mad. When I put some cool face cream over it, I felt a stinging effect, which made the pain worse. But after a while, the pain was gone for good, thanks to the face cream. It's been so long ever since I felt that kind of pain. It's like, my throat area got cut on purpose, there was no pimple whatsoever.

Then when I was about to go to sleep, I knew something was really wrong. I forgot to re-charge my phone for tomorrow. And then, there was a message received, but I did not answer. I found out that she broke up with her boyfriend, and needed a shoulder to cry on. So I met up with her today morning, she cried on my shoulder. It's hard to see you cry, my heart always gets this stabbed effect everytime you cry. I want you to be safe and happy, like you always do. So I wiped her tears, and gave her a cuddly hug to clear all her troubles, for the first time in my Life. She was happy again, and I felt happy too! So I was rather happy the whole morning, and afternoon. By the way, I'm sure you guys know who is "her", unless you have short term memory.

So I went to school, just staring at clouds which is pretty bad, but at least it didn't rain today. I liked my styled hair, thanks to her, with her new styling hands! *cheerful laughs*

I reached school, went to the 4th floor and sat on the locker's top. After that, Derrick came and splashed water like a Merlion. Well, he's already a lion to start with! After that, 4D's very own couple came, along with Mengci! Derrick spit water again, oh well. After a while, Mr Kung came and we all went into the classroom for the Mathematics lesson.

I don't know why I'm so concentrated during the lesson. I was able to think out of the box, do everything like as if I've done it before. Yeah, Mathematics lesson without Mr Kung was pretty lifeless. His lessons are best, in my view. Easy to understand! Very smooth as well. But hell, I don't know why I kept on smiling throughout the whole lesson. I even thought I was a retard. *bangs wall and drop dead*

After the lesson, I walked to Tiong Bahru Plaza. While walking, I saw all of them climbing over the school side wall. Haha, I just walked on, reaching the traffic lights and then heading up to the music section. I wanted to buy Mary J. Blige and Paramore's music album, because their music's really nice! But they didn't have it, so I went to Comic's Connection and Challenger for the Diablo Game Pack. It costs a whooping $70, and I only had $50 with me. Oh well.. *bangs wall twice and drop dead on a bed of dogs*

I went to the MRT, and the trains were fully packed with people. I waited for two trains, and both are equally full. So I gave up, and walked back to school, to take a bus. While walking, I saw Charlene, and was glad that she smiled. Haha, it's better than getting ignored right? Then saw some of the Scouts, who were building a gateway for this 5th April's Stepping Up Ceremony cum 86th Campfire! I'm going to try and help, in any way I can, I hope.

I waited for the bus, and really, the buses are not even full. I sat down, and enjoyed a bus ride of relived dreams.

I reached home after about 45 minutes, and yes, I do take that long to get from house to school and likewise, from school to house. I was dead tired, so decided to rest for awhile, and then logged into MSN.

I chat with a lot of people today. I just chat with Sally, and she said that ITE Life isn't all that great. Higher NITEC was full of essay-writing and stuff. Somehow, I got this feeling that I'll be going into ITE, because I got no guarantee getting into Secondary 5. If ever I get promoted to Secondary 5, the Life in Secondary 5 is going to be harder, that is if I can even get into Secondary 5. I'm very worried about Combined Humanities, taught by A.J and Miss Foo. I'm really worried.. But well, I'll try my best to get into Secondary 5. *bangs wall 4 times and go eat sausages*

And after a while..

I know why I'm so happy today.

It's because I hugged Suying! Her cries and sorrows stopped after I hugged her.. Really, Suying, I really love you, because I care for you. I promise that I'll protect you from any harm, even if it costs my Life. And today, I felt really sad, just seeing you cry like that. Be happy alright! Cheer up! *gives a peek-a-boo face*

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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