January 3, 2008

Boring shit..

Today was hella boring, not all though, Mr A.J's lesson to be exact. The way he teaches, is a bit primary school style.. I say your name two times, you go out! I mean, who would be so scared till their balls ACTUALLY dropped? Yes, Mr A.J screams, but i bet that there are other teachers who could scream my balls off. (Mr Kung and Mr Chan, and both are my Scout leaders, wtf.. -.-")

PE was uber fun today! We had our height and weight measuring today. Once again, i hold the title for the "heaviest" title. Derrick almost beat me, i think, by a few numbers. But i wanna lose to him, meaning, i rather lose weight than gaining more weight. Lmao... Mr Teo took us to the gym today, it was my first time inside though. Lots of weight lifting instruments but no treadmills. When lesson's finishing, i rushed to the bookshop to buy the Maths textbook, being paranoid about Mr Kung screaming on my face. Luckily, there was stock.. *phew*

I ran all the way up, panting like mad, because i haven't worked out for a very long while. And then it was Mr A.J's lesson, which is mentioned above already. After that, a relief teacher named Mr Teo (So many Teo's nowadays..) and came to relief Mr Kung. Zzz, i was like "All that damned effort wasted for nothing". Well, look on the bright side, at least i bought the book! *evil laugh!*

Didn't stay up in class and it does seemed a bit awkward.. Somehow, i prefer Danial to be the team captain. Well, things have to change one way or another..

Went to the D&T workshop with Danial, talking shitz and doing some girls staring (Joking.. -.-). Then when Mr Kwan came, we received our project introduction.

Guess what..

Our N level D&T project starts NEXT WEEK!?


Yeah, damn early right? Our project is a 1/2 year (5-6 months to be exact) long examination, consisting of 70% out of 100%, with 30% being the written examination during the N levels. Omgomgomg.. Had better prepare for more shitz, and stop all the chitty chatting during the D&T lessons! Argh...

After that, heard that there's no TPI, judging from the number of upper secondary guys going down from the top.

Had to skip Scouts because i had to take care of someone..

Well, that's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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