January 30, 2008

Feeling energized.

Good evening!

Well, well, as usual, I met up with Suying at 5am, and chatted for 30 minutes! After that, hugged each other and then went off in the buses. The bus today had an awful stench, it's smelt like someone who never bathe for days. Had to pinch my nose, although it seemed a bit rude, but it was unbearable. After getting off at 131, there was this person smoking, in front of me. Once again, I had to pinch my nose. Damn, pinching my nose two times in the early morning..

Reached school, drew the key, watched people play their Chinese Chess game and just slacked around. The mood today seems a bit dead and the sad atmosphere kind of chills me a bit. But well, I had better look on the bright side of today!

The first two periods were Mathematics. There's a test tomorrow, oh my God! It's definitely tomorrow! So the lesson was a breeze and nothing else, I hope I can pass my Mathematics test tomorrow, hopefully, for the first time! I had been failing Mathematics since Secondary 3, and only passed the End-of-Year examination last year, but still, my overall failed. So yes, this upcoming test is a must-pass! Good luck to the 4D peeps tomorrow, for the test! Mug hard!

After Mathematics were 3 vexing periods of D&T. The whole 3 periods, we are just modifying, making more pages for the project and so much more random stuff.. Slacking is so tiring, really. I have this feeling that my ambition should be changed, maybe designing isn't really my style. Oh well, I have time to think about my future, just not now.

After D&T was Chinese period. Miss Foong kept on telling me to get stuff for her and still said that it was exercise for me! Today, I went down to the general office, with Chungaik (Who sneaked out!) and didn't find any newspapers. At first, we always thought that the newspaper will be in the foyer. But today, it's inside the office! So much for the effort.. Just slacked throughout the lesson.

Recess! Danial played the Russell Peters comedy show on PSP, and plugged the sound into the teacher's console. I don't really understand 70% of the show, maybe I prefer comedies with a bit more actions than words.

After recess was CD period. Haha, Miss Pang really changed a lot, since last year. We stood up for quite long, because Jasper was acting all nerdy and stuff, so yeah. After we sat down, Miss Pang touched on the topic on Relationships. I knew, that I was going to get flamed, iced and blown by everyone in the class, since most of them knew about my relationship with Suying. 4D's very own couple did get a special treatment too! But yeah, I simply just ignored everyone's remarks, not going to repeat the same mistake I made in Secondary 1. We then did a reflection form, on what type of husband/wife we wanted. I only touched on 7 points, with the other 3 blank. I'm not a perfect person anyway, and I don't really expect my future wife to be perfect either..

English was next. We did some oral practice and yeah, I didn't get much participation in it. I think, I only read a sentence, and that's it, while the rest read almost a paragraph or more than 2 sentences. Maybe, Mr Sandhu was searching for weaker students to help, yeah, that must be it. Mr Sandhu's lessons are always full of surprises and mischiefs up his sleeve!

After school, I swept the class, since CLB will start at 2.30pm. I got an hour to spare, so I spent it by sweeping the class, arranging the tables and chairs neatly. I'll predict that this won't last long, and by tomorrow, the class cleanliness will be killed. Yes, I can sweep the class everyday, just for 4D, but most of the students do not even maintain the cleanliness at all, I'll emphasize on the word "MOST", just preventing flame wars. If they don't help themselves by doing a bit of cleaning up, why should I even bother to go to the extent to help the whole class?

CLB started, did a letter writing work and headed home. I bathe at home, took my Mathematics notebook and textbook and went down to the void deck to meet Suying! We studied together for about an hour, stared at the sad clouds and then we went to the market to have our dinner. And, thanks Suying for being such a great study partner! I'll give you a cookie next time! Or rather, a box of cookies! Hahaha! Thanks dear!

And to end it all, some pictures. Yesterday and today.

89 requests in Facebook and still counting. I'm bored.

During PE yesterday, lots of phones right?

$1 each! *psst, the PSP is mineeeeee!* Kidding!

The field me and Suying laid. It had no mud whatsoever!

The shelter, it drizzled a bit..

Sad clouds #1

Sad clouds #2


FYI, I'll be logging into MSN lesser, since I'm studying most of the time. I'll login into MSN for maybe a few hours, and then logoff. 8 months isn't enough to build up my foundation of all my subjects, so I'll just have to do my best then. You guys should study yeah! 8 months passes by very fast! So mug hard!

That's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!
And Suying, I love you!

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