January 24, 2008

The best Birthday ever..

Happy 17th Birthday to myself!
And another birthday greeting to..
Chongjing and Ying Le!

Yeah, today's my birthday! So let's get straight to the point. I got my face smashed with chocolate cream and icings! I got my birthday bash today, can't remember how hard my arm got punched, but well, it's memorable yeah! My phone got busted, so I can't upload any pictures of the presents I received.

Reasons why my birthday today is so memorable..
- It's been 8-9 years ever since I blew a candle on a cake. The last time I blew candles was before I went into kindergarten. Pretty long eh?
- The most presents I received for this year, 6 presents to be exact. The most I received previously was 2.
- The first time my face got smashed into the cake!
- The most cakes! 3 cakes! One by Jiemin & Chungaik, one by Justin and gang and one by Suying who baked it herself!
- First time receiving a birthday greeting card, by Jiemin & Chungaik!
- Clear, blue skies!

Yeah, that's a lot of reasons. This will be kept inside my mind forever. I enjoyed all the birthday bashings, although it's painful, but yeah, it's for a good cause.


I wanna thank..

My mum, and her boss!
You were always there for me, when I'm in trouble. You worked your butt off, while I study in school. You'll always be the super mum in my eyes! Please live long and take care! I love you! And thanks for the wallet and the $60! And Mr Bossman, thanks for giving $50 and always being there to help us with our financial problems!

Fengying's Mum!

Thanks for the red packet! I hope I still can communicate with you! Need to brush up on my Hokkien.. LOL. Anyway, thanks both of you! Thanks Fengying for passing me the red packet too! It must be hard for you to pass it to me, since I'm damn ugly! Hahaha!

Jiemin & Chungaik!

Thanks for everything, the MSN conversations (Perverted I know..), the cookies, the cake and the card! Eh yeah, since I helped you and Chungaik, must help me and Suying whenever I'm in trouble! Haha, anyway, thanks both of you. Y'all the best! Wish both of you a happy 2 month anniversary! Chungaik, watch out, you slapped my hand 17 times right? Red like sambal chili you know.. When it's your birthday, I'll give you a *face* massage! And Jiemin, you whacked me today! Finally! And it's quite painful.. Ouch. Your birthday ah, I'll think of an evil plan.. *evil laughs*

The cake!
Thanks Jiemin, Chungaik, Miss Pang and Hock Zheng for contributing money for the cake, which got wasted thanks to the guys.. LOL. Thanks again!

Justin, Edward, Weirong, Xuesheng and Brendan!
You guys gave me the birthday bash, which bloody painful, but never mind, you guys will have your turns next . And thanks for the cake, bloody hell.. Ambushed me from behind, then dirtied the whole court! In the end, we had to perform a mini CIP for the community center! Hahahaha! Haha, you guys will always be the best basketball mates. Let's chill out sometimes too! Haha, thanks again!

Tan Suying!
Omg, do you know that your cake tasted very nice! Seriously, you can go run a bakery shop! Haha, and thanks for the bottle of stars and a note stuck inside forever. We will be best friends, thanks for all the kindergarten times, cheering me up when I get scolded and stuff. I'll remember the days we laid down on the field and stare at the skies, and gazing the stars at night. Thanks again for everything, and I'll treasure the bottle forever, as a keepsake. Take care of yourself, alright? Ying-ah Ying-ah Ying-ah YINGGG! Hahahaha!

Heng Hock Zheng a.k.a Mah Lai Hock
Send me 83 birthday SMS ah! Last night, I cannot sleep! LOL. Anyway, thanks for being a good friend and contributing to the cake! Take care man~

Safwan, Weiyuan, Juihao, Alex, Qizhi, Shunhui, Jasper, Timmy, Asha, Danial, Derrick, Boonkeat, Hock Zheng, Kenneth, Kaijie, Siraj, Ming Soon, Winston, Tajinder, Sweehong, Beng Shiang, Zhixun, Faris, Mun Tat, Syed, Zhengyee, Dickson, Shuting, Mingxian, Mengci and Sally!
Thanks for staying back after school, giving me birthday bashings, greeting me and pushing my face into the cake! You guys rock.

Miss Pang, Mr Sandhu, Mr Chan and Mr Leong.
Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday!

Once again, thanks everyone for a super duper memorable birthday!
You guys rock to the max!



The podcast.sg video that I got really addicted to..

Wo Mei Mei You Chi Mao - My sister has a cat.
Yi Chi Ke Ai De Xiao Xiao Mao - A cute little small cat.
You Yi Tian.. Mao Bu Jian Le - One day.. The cat disappeared..
Mao Zai Na Li - Where is the cat? x3
Pi Gu Li! - In the ass! (Repeat)



Lastly, today's been a blast! Time to take a rest!

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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