January 14, 2008

Such sad skies. GFD!

Good evening!

Today was awesome, in a weird way. I was rather hyped up today for no reason, really! I started saying hi to friends, which i had never done before. It was really weird, it's like Mr Sunshine possessed me or something! Well, today, i reached school at around 8.15am, i think. I rushed to the bookshop as the queue is getting shorter. When i was in front of the queue, Hock Zheng came and asked whether i can cut queue for him. LOL, i just said that after i bought my stuffs, you can take my spot. After a while, a lot of more other guys started saying my name, begging me to buy for them.. ROFL..

The first lesson was Chinese, basically, nothing to do. Kenneth kept on forcing me to speak Chinese, but really, i speak Chinese, really badly.. It was not a frequent language i use at home. I speak Chinese to my mum, but she's hardly at home. So i could only speak English with my maid, so that's strongly the reason my English is good!

After Chinese was Physics! Many of us deemed it as doomsday, a period to die for, a jump-off-the-building period, die-die-will-die period bla bla bla.. But but, after the 2 periods, all i saw was typical Hong Liang and his super duper, timings! I known him since Sec 1, and Patrol Leader Council for a year, so i know how is his attitude like. So, as you can see, his last T was timing, which is one of the most important factor for him, because he wants every minute, every second to be used wisely! So today we played with Ammeters, Voltmeters, Rheostats bla bla bla.

Conclusion? I think this time, i'll surely pass my Physics. 101%

Recess time, as usual, sat outside the classroom block and waited for entry. No idea why we can't stay in the classrooms this year, it's not as if we making much noise for the classes below or something.. I guess Mr Kung has a special reason for this!

D&T was next. OMGOMGOMG, i started making my products already! Otherwise, i'll have to go back for extra lessons in June. Time to rushhhh!

That's all for today..

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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