January 7, 2008

Monday; the start of school..

I woke up at 5am this morning, reason being, i'm not used to waking up late for school. I always wake up early, and arrive in school 20-30 minutes before the school starts. So i had like 2 hours of free time to waste until i go to school. Watched a movie in Movie6, bathed and then headed for school.

Haha, the bus is not so crowded today! Usually, the bus gets packed at around 6.3oam and i really hate crowded buses! I went up the bus and only saw one Gessian and a teacher. I reached the school, and it was so empty, except for the piles of Sec1s queuing up at the bookshop.. I walked around and saw Syed, sitting at the study area outside of the General Office. Then Zhixun came later, and we all went into the canteen. Zul came, and then Danial came, and more came (LOLWTF AM I SAYING).

When it's almost time for assembly, me and Danial went to the arena. By the time we reached the arena, the sun was already shining on us! Then went up to class soon after.

The first 2 periods were English. We were supposed to do a 5-paragraph essay, with Mr Sandhu's help. He said that this standard of English which we wrote in the essay, is only enough for just a pass! (51+). Vocabulary dictionary PLEASE!

The next period is History, and it's quite possibly the worst period of the month.. The period itself, is basically pointless. So i just slept, not really paying attention though.. Although i'm rather worried about my History marks.

CME aka CD period was next. We were supposed to choose a charity organization for our CIP. We chose the TOUCH thingy for organization and planned for it. The other choices wasn't that great, most of them requires endurance, like the Flag Day and Carnival. So we decided a Tea Party on Mother's Day for 30 frail elderly! It's on May though, and it seems pretty far away..

Recess was next. Sat next to Chungaik and pretend to pat him as if he was crying, LOL. Then Mengci ate some kind of egg, and Zhixun came to disturb! Then Mengci swallowed the whole egg i think, her face was damn red! It's almost as if she's suffocating from the egg! Zhixun kept making those gurgling sounds to Mengci, it was damn LOL. After that, some of our old friends from 3D last year came to visit us! Yingpin told me that this year's 3D was definitely worse than ours! Good luck to them, show them the power of 3D 07! LMAO.

Maths was next, fast-paced and straightforward. That's the Mr Kung we know, muahahaha.

After that was Chinese, i had nothing to do with it, so boooo yeah!

After school, had to meet Hong Liang for some Scout thingy. 5th April is our promotion date! Meaning all Sec 4s will be promoted to Venture status. Can't describe Venture, but it's like a much more slack job than a normal Scout. The purpose for Sec 4s to be promoted into Ventures to start early preparations for "N" and "O" levels.

Well, that's all for today..

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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