January 17, 2008


Good evening!

I came to school today with a headache.. Yeah, it hurts, because I woke up on the floor today! Can you believe it? My head's lying on the floor, for 20 minutes! No wonder I had a headache..

While heading to school, I saw Suying! Then crapped a lot and went to different buses. Haha, missed the old times. Reached school and just sat there, doing nothing, looking at Hock Zheng and Robin playing Chinese Chess.. Kinda boring eh..

If you see me sweating in assembly all the time, maybe because I had a headache, I think.. I can't think properly and yeah, tend to do stupid things, like smack Karim in the head! LOL.

The first two lessons were Maths, pretty straightforward! Mr Kung is the best, man. Just random! Hahaha. Yeah really, he's the best out there. He teaches well, cares for us and willing to sacrifice a lot for us too. I'm really sorry for the things I done, in school or Scouts. I still remembered that you always pick me in Scouts to accompany you to buy food for the Scouts when there's a camp. Haha, missed those days.. PLC 06/07 rocks.

Physics was next. Mr Chan's lessons are quite interesting, although his accent is a bit weird, I can understand. He can be funny at times, and freakishly serious at bad moments! Haha, I feel that I really can pass my Physics this time, with his help!

Chinese was next. I suddenly got a new nickname, Bee Hoon. I'm not gonna say whose name is it, because I have cousins viewing this blog too! Hahaha. Anyway, just crapped with Kenneth, Boon Keat and Hock. Funny, we kept on exchanging words, saying each other's parent names! I almost slit my index finger while snatching it from someone, really close, PHEW! But the weird thing is, I did not felt the pain, until I reached home, and closed the door with my palm. The cut became bigger, and that's when I screamed! RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Luckily, it was in time, otherwise it'll become infected..

Recess time.. Just slacked.

English was next. I got a freaking 15/30! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? My English standard has dropped! I can't help feeling low, way low, for my results. But fear not! I'll come back with uber hacked English marks! And then we had a big stack of worksheets to file up! I need to find a huge black ring file..

History was next.. The one that didn't make my day. I didn't bring my books, thinking that today's Social Studies.. But Miss Foo dragged on the lessons with unneccessary comments, like labeling me and the others as jokers. It's not as if the class can't continue with 8 people, not bringing books. Be like Mr Chan, just place them at the back of the classroom and continue with lesson, and the class, including the ones at the back, can still study. And Miss Foo is there, just reprimanding us, wasting the whole period.. We only have 3 History lesson per week, and every lesson should be put to good use. Sigh.. Like she'll ever come here and read it anyway..

Assembly was boring, period.

Went home after that.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

PS. 24 is a good number. HAHA.

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