January 10, 2008

A Learning Journey to the Singapore Polytechnic!

Hey hey hey! I had a wonderful day at the Singapore Polytechnic today! I could pretty much assume that that's the Polytechnic i'll be going in the future. It's very convenient, it's near Dover MRT station (It's far from Novena, but hell, i'm already used to long rides anyway). Hopefully there will be more people from Gan Eng Seng heading into Singapore Polytechnic!

While walking back to class today, i dropped my class diary on the stairs. But the students just didn't care and walked over it, some did step on it intentionally. To the person who stepped on the diary on purpose, i hope nobody helps you if you dropped your books or documents. Thanks Boon Keat for helping me pick up the diary while herds of students walked up, and sorry that i stained your pants too!

So today, i only had 2 periods of Maths and that's all. We headed out at around 9.20am, in catered buses. Slept in the bus, listening to music and etc. 4NT, 4NA and the 5NA classes were going there, i was glad to see my old friends still kicking and speaking vulgarities! Hahaha! We arrived at the Polytechnic, in front of the concourse. Then we walked all the way to the mini-factory situated along the designing blocks. Singapore Polytechnic sure did bring back some memories, like the Rover's Campfire!

Some pictures taken!

Digital Vernier Calipers! Style..

Danial trimming the plastic mask, after it was used for vacuum forming.

The vacuum former. That's the instructor's hand btw.

Danial with the mask on.. He looked like he had cum on his face. LOL.

Factory walkway.. The boys are sorta flaunting their butts.

Complicated machinery! Wonder when am i gonna operate them?

Danial's face got flattened! By our hands! Me and Mun Tat's.

Bottles production area.

Mini bottles!

Waste! Someone said these looked like condoms.. LOL.

The insides of the machine.

Forgotten what material or substance was used for making this..

The instructor mixing chemicals to make that "material".

It's kinda fun to make these..


Some end products!

Mun Tat tried take a pic. But failed.

That's all for today!
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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