January 29, 2008


I felt kind of hot-headed today.

I met up with Suying at 5am, at the void deck below my house. Then some stranger came and hurled vulgarities at us. Me being a bit hot-tempered, I screamed at him, and with some family cursing. Yeah, he punched my stomach and ran off. What a klutz. I'm guessing that he's drunk judging by his drunken smell and some whiff of vomit coming out of him. But hell, his drunken fist hurts as if your balls are being stretched..

Not to mention, I was already hot-headed in the morning.. And then comes this..

..some people were playing around during PE, and dirtied the back of my shirt. So, I shouted, angrily. While going up to class, Chungaik played around, by bending my left knee. Sorry that I shouted and burst out in front of you, since you did not know that my left knee and ankle were injured. Please forgive me, I'm trying to be happy for the rest of my days, and maybe this just took too much out of me. Sorry again!

It's hard to control my temper, since I try to be happy at all times. Please understand me, okay?

School was normal, as usual. I had a Heart-to-Heart session with Mr Joseph and Miss Pang, after school. It's sort of like a chit-chat session! So yeah, I let out most of my troubles to them, and at least, my heart's less heavier now. Thanks, to both teachers!

Had Scouts today. I was supposed to monitor the Secondary 2s marching performance. All I can say is that they need more practice and there's room for improvement, definitely.

After Scouts, I went to Novena Square to fetch Suying there! We had lunch in LJS, and then walked around Novena Square and United Square. We went back to the void deck, below our houses. Studied for an hour, and then went home! Thanks Suying for teaching the radian conversion, that I flunked today! Hahaha!

Anyway, that's all for today.
Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!
And Suying, I love you!

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