January 21, 2008

Bad hair day? NOT!

Good afternoon!

Today's Monday, so school starts at 8.40am. I woke up as early as 5.25am, and met up with Suying. Oh my god, she messed up my hair. She took a finger full of wax and smeared it on top of my hair! Then she acted all professional, making me look like I just woke up from bed! Thanks a lot, haha! I had to go into the market's toilet to stare at the mirror, to style my hair.. Haha, I'm gonna play with your hair!

I reached school at 8am. I went to the canteen, but not much of my friends are there. Saw Hock Zheng and then we sat at the arena. We crapped for awhile, until Mengci and Jiemin came. They asked for my Chinese name, I didn't want to say, but Hock Zheng sabotaged me! They want the characters, so I showed them my IC. Then forgotten what happened already..

After flag raising ceremony, we were told to stay back. In the end, we stayed back for nothing. We didn't even went for the Flag Day last Saturday! 4A - 4C were under the sun for nothing.. I can pretty much say that time was wasted because of some Gessians not giving the seats to others. What does that have to do with us anyway..

Went back class for Chinese. Sat down with Chungaik and chatted. Nothing much though. Nearing the end of lesson, Chungaik and I sweep the whole class, getting ready for the Physics lesson.

Physics was next. Mr Chan was seriously vociferous! Maybe that's one tactic to keep us awake! Haha. I can pretty much tell that Mr Chan's way of teaching is similar to that of Polytechnic lectures. Lecturers wouldn't care whether you write fast or slow, he or she will just move on and your only hope of attaining notes is from your friends, who may have copied faster than you. At the beginning of the lesson, Mr Chan played with some people! Some of them went to the back of the class, some outside of class! Haha, it's quite funny eh. Hahaha!

Recess was next. Stayed in class, watching people rushing their Physics work. This is the first time I see people rushing their Physics homework. Very occasional!

D&T was next. It was tad boring, just sitting down and playing Mun Tat's PSP. After awhile, I got bored and decided to do a bit of the project work. Really boring, and it's hot today!

Went home after school ended.

Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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