January 12, 2008

What a depressing day..

Good evening!

The reason why i did not went for the Maths lesson today was because i had some last minute errands to do. But this kind of reason will not get me a pass from Mr Kung, so i'll have to think of something else. Booos to the guys who kept on saying, "YOU WILL DIE! YOU WILL DIE!", because i never came for it today. BOOO!

Ok back to today.. Judging from my post title, today's a rather depressing day. Why?

Because of this!


It didn't even rain much today, despite the uber darkened clouds! Dark clouds are signs of sadness and sorrow, according to my friend, who's rather superstitious in these kind of stuffs. Dark clouds represents the darkness inside a heart, waiting to be unleashed, by killing or doing bad things. The rain that drops down from the dark skies are tears of a broken heart, thereby fixing the problems and going back to normal, in which, normal = clear skies.

Rain coming down from bright, clear skies are tears of joy, which are a rarity. Although all this sounded like crap, it maybe true in some ways. Believe it or not, it's your choice!


I want to share something about computer maintenance. It's about maintaining your computer's longevity and quite possibly, an out-of-the-box performance, if you know what i mean.

Before reading this, you may want to download some Anti-Spywares and a fully updated Anti-Virus software. 1 Anti-Spyware program isn't enough, you'll need about 3-4 of them, because all them have different Spyware definitions. By having 3-4 Anti-Spywares, you can be sure that your computer is completely freed of horrible spywares.

Tip: Try to run a computer maintenance once a week, or once a month. By doing this weekly or monthly, you can be sure that you won't be able to purchase another computer just because your previous computer got pwnt by some Trojan, Worm, Spyware or Keylogger.

NOTE that before doing this, restart your computer and login into your Administrator account (If you have one). If not, login normally.

Links to softwares will be provided below the steps.

Step 1 - Open up all your Anti-Spyware, Anti-Virus softwares, and update them. This is necessary because new viruses/spywares are being made as i type. It's important to update them to get a perfect scan on your computer.

Step 2 - Switch off your internet or disable it by using ZoneAlarm. This prevents hackers from damaging your computer while you are scanning. I believe that you are most vulnerable when you are scanning because your computer takes up loads of memory while scanning. Because of that, it allows hackers to get into your computer, easily.

Step 3 - Start off by running the Anti-Virus first. Make sure your internet is disabled/locked before doing this.

Step 4 - After scanning with Anti-Virus, run all your Anti-Spywares. Don't run them all at once, run them separately, otherwise it may cause your computer to take up unnecessary space whie scanning. Be shocked to see a big number of spywares if you have been watching pornography recently.

Step 5 - Run CCleaner or any Registry Cleaner software.

Step 6 - Defragment your computer using Diskeeper or JkDefrag. Do not use the Windows Defragmenter as it is not effective.

Step 7 - Empty your recycling bin and restart your computer (If you want).

Anti-Spyware/Virus software links.
AVG Free - It's a good software, free of charge, free updates and very effective.
Avast! - Another effective software, and it's free of charge.

Ad-Aware - A good software, but isn't good at detecting harmful spywares.
A-Squared Free - A free software that is good at detecting P2P program spywares, like LimeWire, Ares, iMesh etc.
Spybot S&D - My favorite software, it removes harmful spywares and it's very fast.
TrojanHunter - Removes Trojans, Spywares and MalWare. 30 days trial.
X-Scanner-Online - It detects most spywares other softwares missed. Recommended, and it's an online scan.

ZoneAlarm - A good Firewall that blocks most hackers and it provides internet locks for emergency purposes. It block programs from entering into your computer.

JkDefrag - A simple to use, tool. Just open it and let it do its magic.
Diskeeper - An online Defragmenter that's just as good as JkDefrag.

Registry Cleaners
CCleaner - You'll be addicted to this, really. It cleans up useless files and unused programs, and it comes with a registry cleaner! Be sure to see a big number if you just plucked your computer out of the dust!

Web Browser:
Most people use Microsoft Internet Explorer because it comes bundled with their computers. And because most people use Internet Explorer, most viruses are made specifically for Internet Explorer users. I highly recommend downloading Firefox, a free web-browser with better security than Internet Explorer, faster and more reliable with better features.

Credits to MyTrickster.net and Silkroad Forums for the maintenance information.


Thanks for visiting and may God bless you!

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