August 5, 2006

Went to school today..
There aint a single person in the school until i went to the classroom block..
Heard singing and remembered the sound of the tamborine or whatever it is..
Saw the BB and GB guys and gals together singing..
Had campfire preparation..
Me, Milo and his team of people are gonna build the Gateway on the 2nd floor..
It was damn nice and splendid lah!
But we had to untie it and bring it down..

Then, we discuss in the scout room about how to further improve on the stuffs..
I quite tired lah!
Slept until i saw Hong Liang..
Woke up!

Then we went to Tiong Kopitiam..
Ate with Hong Liang, Ventures, Choon Lian and Qi Hao..
I ate chicken rice..
Anyway, photos!
Image Hosted by
I wondered who put that prawn head in my chicken plate!

Image Hosted by
The big guys..

Image Hosted by
LOL. Qihao tried to take a picture of me, but i took him instead xD!

Fun and laughter!
Tiring and happy!
That's what i felt today!


And may God bless you!

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