August 14, 2006

Last week has been a blast..
DSG Day rocked like siao!
Although my patrol did not made it to the finals, but we are still united as one!
The buffet was not too good, still felt hungry!
The Dragon Cubs were cute man..
Anyway, DSG Day was a success! PLC Onward!

Back to today..
Just like every ordinary day..
Copy notes..
Class havoc..
What to do..?
Also bo bian..
Ask the class to keep quiet also will get jacked on the face..
Then all force me go play LAN..

Then had CLB lesson after school..
The first lesson since the first day of the second semester..
Quite fun lols..!
Imagine a fun chinese lesson..
Sounds impossible huh..

But today is so damn boring lah!
Very, very boring..
Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and may God bless you!

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