August 9, 2006

Once again..

Today very slack.. Just played computer through the whole morning..
Then listen music.. And then surfed the net..
And i found something awesome!
The so called "Espers" for Final Fantasy 12!
The names are damn cool lah!
Here it is:

1) Belias - Aries - Hellfire - Fire
2) Chaos - Taurus - Random Magic - Multi
3) Zelhera - Gemini - Divine Death - Dark
4) Zeromus - Cancer - Big Bang - Gravity
5) Hashmarim - Leo - Gaia's Wrath - Earth
6) Ultima - Virgo - Perfect Ultima - Holy
7) ExDeath - Libra - Meteor - None
8) Cuchulain - Scorpio - Venom Bite - Poison
9) Shumihaza - Sagittarius - Soul Emit - Soul
10) Adramelech - Capricorn - Judgment Bolt - Lightning
11) Famfrit - Aquarius - Tidal Wave - Water
12) Mateus - Pisces - Freezing Wave - Ice
13) Zodiac - Serpentarius - Last Eclipse - Dark

Cool names huh..!
Anyway, at around 6.00pm.. I went to my mother's shop at Parkway Parade!
But this time, her shop was fully renovated!
Went there early, only surprised to see that her shop was the only shop occupied with customers..
Proud of her, man..
Then saw a lot of people i know from the school..
Not gonna say!

Anyway, some random pics!

Image Hosted by
The outside view of my mother's stall, which is inside the air-conditioned room..

Image Hosted by
My mother and my uncle! Inside the stall!

Image Hosted by
The stall name: MINI WOK! If you happen to drop by, do say hi to my mum!

Image Hosted by
Waiting for taxi.. Guess what.. There's no TAXI! Waited for 30 mins then reached home..

Also saw a bit of the fireworks display!
It was too fascinating until i even forgot to take a pic.. RAWR!

Damn tired now.. Tomorrow's will be a busy day..
Morning got to help Shun Hui grow plants around his second home..
Then later going tuition with Zhao Bin and Yi Ren..

Gotta sleep now.. Zzz..
Seeya and may God bless you xD!

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