August 24, 2006

Today's quite nice..

Well, to start it off..
First period was English..
Almost dozing off..
Mdm Foo was telling a lot of stories..
And i got 9/10 for my spelling.. xD!
Brings back early memories of primary school life..

Second and Third period was Social Studies..
Mr Beh was absent today..
Then Ms Chai came in as relief..
We were allowed to do anything we like lols..
That changed when Mr Chua Chau Lee came in for the second period..
Then all must study..
Total boredom..
Still say dont want read, act like you are reading!
What kind of shit is that..?

Then fourth and fifth period was History..
Fun lah!
Learnt about the stupid mother ****er, Adolf Hitler.
His moustache made him look damn sadistic..
I just hate the way he speaks..
So darn loud and talk as if the sky is gonna fall on him..

I wanted to skip TAF session..
But sway lah!
Mr Low was conducting the TAF session at the field..
And he came to the street soccer court to find us..
Then must run..
Ran 5 rounds..
Chicken feet lah..
And 3A's selling quite a lot of cool stuffs today!
Unfortunately, i brought only $4 today..
I wanted to buy the portable MP3 speakers..
Which cost $9..

Then sixth and seventh period was Chinese..
As always, i get to slack cause' i'm in CLB..
Borrowed Zhao Bin's handphone and listen music..
Slept all the way through the lesson..

Then the last few periods of the day.. Chemistry..
Chemistry is always interesting and fun..
Then got test..
Quite easy.. Only need do a mindmap..

After school, went to Scout Room..
Saw Bin Ming and his Chess Set..
Played 5 games with him..
i lose 3:5 to him..
*sigh* lost my touch..

Then went tuition with Yi Ren and Zhao Bin..
Tuition super fun!
Met a new girl at there..
From Nanyang Girls' lol..
Mr Huang somehow tortured me with maths questions..
Somehow.. I liked it..
It helped to learn faster..
Thanks Mr Huang!

Anyway, that's all for today!
Thanks for visiting my blog and may God bless you!

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