August 7, 2006

Today was normal..
Nothing special lah..
Well, today Wendell got whacked on the face by Shao Cong..
It sure hurts..
Really nothing to say..
Honestly, i'm quite nervous about tomorrow's marching..
Tomorrow's the real thing..
I guess i'll just have to relax..
My boots still doesn't shine after lotsa polishing..

Then after school, went for prize giving ceremory..
I was glad to receive a Bronze General Service Award..
Quite honoured xD
Must say "Good Morning blah blah"

Then, went to scout room to do some reflection..
Dont know what lah..
Just do it anyway..
Then helped out in the re-vamp-ing of the DSG notice board..

Anyway, took only 2 photos today..

Image Hosted by
Seriously, Milo looks darned weird in this super tiny baby shirt?!?

Image Hosted by

That's it, for today that is..
And may God bless you xD

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