August 2, 2006

Today shuang..
But because of my fucking leg lah..
Like pai ka leh!
Anyway, the POA teacher go berserk and scolded us idiots sia.. You think you who, anyhow scold idiot.. We got brains rite.. Shit you lah, give so many tests some more.. *sigh* nothing to say lah.. Noob..

Then today again must see her face again, EXPRESS POA! I heck care the lesson.. Whole lesson just play handphone xD Nobody can see anyway.. Haha..

As always, it's been two days already.. Limping like siao.. *sigh*

Cannot march? NOO!
I want march for NDP!
Yesterday my scout contingent quite steady sia..
Timing, dressing, well except for shoulder height..
Very, very zhai..
Then met Shi Wei and Kai Dick..
Talk cock with them, haha..

Anyway, thanks for reading my blog and may God bless you!

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