August 8, 2006


About the marching..
Today ain't great.. From what i can see, today's march-in was like..

But i wondered.. I felt weird lah!
It occured to me that i cannot follow the drumbeat played by the GessBand..
Sumore Scouts first contingent to march out leh!
Then, the torture started..
My feet started to hurt after only a FEW minutes!
Everything was great, except for the marching-in..
Unexpectedly, the march-pass was AWESOME!
But.. At that moment, i was scared that Hong Liang would scream at us for the ultra lousy march-in..

Marched finished..
Drank from the cooler..
Thirst quenched!
And ran back for the prize-giving ceremony!
Sweat all over my face..
Gosh.. Almost fell in front of the crowd.. LOL!
Lined up for the bronze award recipient..
And by the way, it was my first time receiving an award for National Day!
I was nervous lah!
But it all ended quick..!
Received with both hands.. Almost to shivering mode..!
Anyway, got my certificate and went back to the Scouts seating area..

As it was getting boring because the Gess Superband was like, DELAYED!
So we the Scouts are enthusiastic people..
It was damn cool man!
Unfortunately, i did not have my phone with me..
Otherwise, i woulda taken shots.. Dots................................
Must say that the National Day Celebrations was great man!
All the Uniformed Group Units were like, UNITED!
It was just a great sight..!

After all the celebrations, the prize recipients for Scouts went for high tea..
I did not go.. I woulda stink my feet man.. It stinks like SHITTY man!
Anyway, i took a rest at the Scout Room..
Then me and the PLs had PLC..
It went smoothly.. Phew~

Then time for pull-up session..
As always, i'm always doing 0!
Must exercise more!

Then played soccer with Ventures again!
Nothing great..
High balls and low balls..

Then Hong Liang talked with the PLC about our status..
We were lacking of fun and laughter..
I kinda agree with that.. Well, nobody likes a serious face anyway..
It's time for PLC 06/07 to re-vamp!
*evil me..*
Had a great day with Hong Liang.. Jokes and laughs!

So happy today..
Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and may God bless you xD!!

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