August 31, 2006

Today's a rainy day..
One of the worst..
Nevertheless, one of the best!

It just rains..

It's just so cold..
Until i sneezed..
Which shooked my brain..

Doing a last minute signing of all dedication cards..
Total boredom..

And it rains..

The teacher's day performance can be considered a success..
And yeah, the prizes winners for the respective kind of teachers were great.

1) Most Humorous - Mr Gary Lam; yeah, man! RAWK ON!
2) Most Organized - Mrs Palan and Ms Thng. *speechless*
3) Most Motivating - Mrs Lin; yeah, man! RAWK ON TOO!
4) Most Sporty - Mr Mui o.O?
5) Most All-Rounded - Mr LIM BUN!
6) Most Friendly - Mdm Rozy
7) Most Caring - Mdm Chng, Mrs Palan and dont know who's the other person.

The performances kinda sucked. But the last song, Hero sang by Kevin was just too funny and great! HAHA.
After that, the ACE Day workout.
It totally sucked!
I was just fooling around. Trust me, it's nothing great xD

After school, went to Kim Seng CC to play basketball with Zhao Bin and Tobie.


The feeling was just too cool..
Rain drops on your head..
And the ground suddenly turned soft..
Thanks to the rain!

Then Alex, Donny, Chee Chong, Faisal and Gary came to play too!
And it rained EXTREMELY HARD!
But it was UBER FUN!

Dancing in the rain.. Lalala..

After that, went to Zhao Bin house to take a shower..
Was totally drenched..
Then went for tuition with Zhao Bin and Yiren.

What a rainy day xD.

Gotta sleep ZzzzZ..

Thanks for visiting my blog and may God bless you!

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