August 28, 2006

Hey dudes.
Today's great xD
First of all, the period was the BORING reading session.
As the sky seems to be on our side, we were asked to go back to our teamrooms.
In the end, it didn't rain.
lmao ~

History lesson rawks man.
It just rawks lah can?

Then had PE.
Must do NAFA or whatever..
I said about how many umpteen times.
Just great.

Next was English.
Interesting enough..
Didn't pass up the English File.
Whoops, i was lucky today xDD
Then went to the IT lab.
Did nothing but surf the net..

Recess started.
As always, must go for TAF blah blah blah.
Today is Game's Day..
Played basketball with some 3A student..
Quite pro, i must say xD

Oh great!
Ms Saw did not come today.
Meaning: 2 FREE PERIODS!
Well, those 2 FREE PERIODS sucked.

Lastly, it was maths.
Honestly, Mr Low teaches WELL!
I finally got the concept.
Ready up for the next common test!

There was a talk after school in the assembly hall.
About internet safety and addiction.
I'm SERIOUSLY addicted to games.
I hafta stop that somehow, RIGHT??

Ate lunch, and played soccer with my friends.
Kinda fun.
Learnt how to kick properly.
Psst: I usually kick with no sense of direction xD

Then played a mix of soccer and basketball.
Played 3 basketball matches and a practice soccer match.
Loved today lah..

Then helped the ventures with SOMEthing.
They seemed to be very attached with their work.
In order not to disturb them, i practiced basketball on my own.
I managed to score lotsa 3-pointers, dude!
I'm contented xD

Well, gotta sleep now.
Thanks for visiting my blog and may God bless you!

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