August 23, 2006

Never blog for days and days and days!
A lot of things happened lah!
Anyway, i will forget last week lols..

For today..
Very boring..
Anyway, i did not favor studying..

Well.. I got back my English paper..
And i lost to her by 1 mark..?!
What the crap, man..
Who cares.. At least i passed xD!
Cheers for myself!
Quite possibly my highest test marks..
Needless to say, the English paper was CHICKEN!

for the rest of the day..
After recess, thought that Mr Low was absent..
False excitement in the morning huh.. *eye pops out*
The class went to the 3rd floor..
The dudes thought we were gonna do "reflection"..
Cause' there is a mirror in front of us..
Instead we were told to sit in a circle..
Once again, Mr Low brought that hairy ball..
Looks weird and disgusting..

Then.. After school, got CLB oral..
Tomorrow no need stay back do oral..
Just go play basketball..

Well.. This Friday scout meeting..

Gotta go..
Thanks for visiting my blog!
May God bless you!

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